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Did Marc Anthony choose Maluma over his honeymoon? (VIDEO)

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Marc Anthony Nadia Ferreira y Maluma
  • After marrying Nadia Ferreira, Marc Anthony surprised everyone.
  • Instead of going on his honeymoon, he posted a video with Maluma.
  • Both singers were behaving badly.

Marc Anthony just married Nadia Ferreira and they still haven’t gone on a honeymoon… at least that’s how it seems… or did they take Maluma with them? A recent video shows that the Puerto Rican singer is having fun, but not with his new bride, because he’s working on a collaboration with Maluma.

Marc Anthony was harshly criticized for his reaction to seeing Nadia Ferreira in her wedding dress, as well as for his totally unbuttoned shirt at his party with David Beckham. Now the Puerto Rican singer’s behavior has people talking again… didn’t he have a honeymoon?

Did Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira skip their honeymoon?

Nadia Ferreira, where was she?
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

Rumors that Nadia Ferreira pregnant are swirling and it is extremely striking that, instead of posting photos of their honeymoon, they seem to be spending time… with Maluma.

El Gordo y la Flaca shared a video on Instagram where you can see Marc Anthony and Maluma behaving strangely while a song that they apparently going to release soon plays in the background… Did he decide to stay and work instead of traveling with his new wife?

Where was Nadia Ferreira?

Maluma appears with Marc Anthony

The rumors of a supposed pregnancy spread like wildfire and now it seems that Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony didn’t immediately go on their honeymoon, which has convinced people that they moved up the wedding date because she was expecting.

And while his wife is resting, Marc Anthony was seen acting very strangely with Maluma in a recording studio. People couldn’t believe that they were «flirting» with each other while listening to a song in the background that will apparently be released soon.

Was Marc Anthony acting strangely?

The singers met and will collaborate Marc Anthony

Although they don’t do much in the video other than wear dark glasses, white hoodies and enjoy flirting with the camera, Marc Anthony and Maluma were widely criticized for their behavior: «I don’t know but Marc is like in another world.” “It looks strange, there’s something that doesn’t add up.” “Take away their phone.” “They’re stoned.” «Are they a couple?” “Be careful with those friends who steal your granddaughter.”

More people speculated about their behavior: «He preferred to take Maluma on his honeymoon.» «Kissing, that’s what these two want.» «Those two have already gone to waste.» «And isn’t he on his honeymoon or did he also take Maluma?» «Marc is well on the line.» «How terrible,» people commented.

Is Marc Anthony’s new wife pregnant?

Nadia Ferreira would be pregnant

The rumors that Marc Anthony is expecting his seventh child with Nadia Ferreira in a few months continue she didn’t have a bump in her wedding dress. However, Hola! published other photos in a different dress at her reception where she appears to have a tummy.

Sources say that Nadia Ferreira wanted to move up her wedding date so she could still fit into her wedding dress. However it is not known how many weeks along she might be. SEE THE VIDEO OF MARC ANTHONY WITH MALUMA

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