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Chronicle: Man stabs his roommate for being late with the rent

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  • Man stabs roommate over late rent.
  • The two Hispanic men got into a fight at their home.
  • The men lived together but apparently they couldn’t stand each other.

Everything was a problem between Víctor Santos Ramos and Carlos Pérez (a fictitious name to protect his identity as a victim). If one of them used all of the hot water, they argued. If the other turned on his music, turned on the television or spoke on the phone too loudly, they also ended up fighting.

This is how it was during the time they lived together in that small two-bedroom apartment in Lexington, North Carolina. They didn’t like each other, but there they were, stuck living together and insulting each other almost daily and for any reason. They put up with it for financial reasons.

A ticking time bomb

Chronic paying rent stab
City of Lexington Police Department

Both Víctor and Carlos knew that it was a matter of time before their problems escalated and that it was very possible that one day things would get out of control. They even knew they could wind up in a physical altercation, but neither of them imagined that the straw that would break the camel’s back was around the corner.

On the morning of October 12, the two Hispanic men began to argue as usual. This time it was because one had been late in paying the other the agreed amount of rent for the bedroom. This time things got out of control and simple insults turned into shoves and then something even worse.

Víctor Santos Ramos attacked his roommate with a knife

Chronic paying rent stab
City of Lexington Police Department

After some shoving the pair started hitting each other, but when he felt that he was losing the fight, Víctor went to the kitchen, got a knife and began stabbing his roommate.

An instant after injuring his roommate and seeing him lying, bleeding on the floor, he grabbed a backpack with some of his belongings and fled immediately. He knew that it would not take long for the authorities to find out what he had just done and that he would end up in jail.

The alleged attacker is still at large

The alleged attacker is still at large.
Photo: Getty

The Lexington City Police Department sent several officers to investigate the incident. However, when they arrived at the scene, there was no trace of the suspect. Meanwhile the victim was transferred to a hospital in Winston-Salem.

They were later informed that his injuries were fortunately not life-threatening. However, they still issued a warrant for Victor’s arrest for aggravated assault. They have been looking for him in all the places he used to frequent, but they have not been able to locate or capture him.

Living with roommates is sometimes necessary

But still many people like to live scrambled

Lexington authorities announced that anyone who has information about the whereabouts of locate Víctor Santos Ramos, should immediately contact their detectives at (336) 243-3302. Or, if they wish to do so anonymously, to call Lexington Area Crime Stoppers at (366) 243-2400.

Violent incidents like the ones with Victor and Carlos sound extreme, but believe it or not, they are more common than they seem. Sometimes it is difficult to live with members of the same family, especially with friends, acquaintances or people we barely know, so the best thing is not to bring third parties into our homes, even if that represents a greater economic sacrifice. Thanks for reading my story today. MundoNow Until next time.

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