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6 male erogenous zones to explore

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  • Men have erogenous zones too!
  • Find out what might drive your man crazy in bed.
  • Take time to explore these 6 male erogenous zones.

There are plenty of male erogenous zones that are key to giving him pleasure. Not everything is focused on his genitals, although most things do end there. Do you want to make your man enjoy the agony of pleasure? Go through this map of male erogenous zones and become his sex goddess.

You can start wit the neck. Combine kisses, caresses and little nibbles and you will drive him crazy. It is a way of hitting the target and warming things up… slowly. Now try these others…

6. The ear


The ear is an erotic spot. Start at the neck and continue up to his ear. Whisper something into it exhaling the air very gently until he feels a little chill. Kiss his ear in the meantime and wind up gently nibbling and sucking on the lobe.

5. The chest is a male erogenous zone

Seeing your lips sliding down his chest or your hands caressing his nipples is a pleasant way to open the path of desire without touching his genitals. Explore that area for a while while you kiss him, start at the top of the chest and gradually work your way down to below the navel, but don’t go any lower. Not yet…

4. Spine

Shirtless man smiling

Now look at the base of his spine. This is one of the erogenous zones that is full of nerves connected to the penis and stroking it can increase his arousal. Press lightly with two fingers of each hand, tracing circles, while you kiss his spine.

Then follow the line to the center of his buttocks and run your fingers or tongue along the crease where each check meets his thigh . This area is very exciting because it’s near the anus, the perineum and the testicles, without touching them directly.

3. Stimulate his prostate


Following this path, you will find the male G spot. It is located in the prostate, which is a walnut-sized gland located under the bladder. It can be stimulated through the anus or the perineum (an area that is very sensitive and causes extreme pleasure… also, one way to avoid the famous trigger is by licking this area.

To access this erogenous zone insert your slightly bent finger into his anus about five centimeters from the entrance, here excite his G spot with soft circular movements with your fingers — or with your tongue, if you dare.

2. Frenulum

man in sauna

At the back of the penis is a deliciously sensitive strip of skin called the frenulum. Take advantage of doggy style or missionary positions for maximum friction. Or, during oral sex, take the opportunity to lick or caress the area.

1. Testicles

The testicles are very sensitive, this point is loaded with sensitive areas that increase sexual desire with a simple caress, but the raphe is the most sensitive part. It’s that fine line of skin that runs down the center of the scrotum, from top to bottom and it’s full of nerve endings. Put your index finger on the scrotal raphe and move it gently and firmly, as if you were delicately scratching it. Instant pleasure!

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