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They report the death of the famous model and bodybuilder, Lisa Lyon

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FOTO Getty Images, Lisa Lyon
  • Lisa Lyon: Female Bodybuilding Icon
  • Pioneer in Sports and Entertainment
  • Her Inspiring Legacy Endures

The worlds of show business and sports mourn the loss of the iconic Lisa Lyon.

She rose to prominence as a trailblazing figure in professional female bodybuilding in the United States.

Her passing was confirmed by close friends and family members via the entertainment news portal, TMZ.

The renowned model passed away on Friday, September 8, at her San Fernando Valley home. She was 70 years old and had been courageously battling stomach cancer.

Bodybuilding career Lisa Lyon

Lisa Lyon, Female Bodybuilder, Death of Lisa Lyon, Legacy of Lisa Lyon, Bodybuilding Pioneer
Bodybuilder Lisa Lyon dies PHOTO Getty Images

In 1979, Lisa Lyon was crowned the winner of the inaugural World Championship of Women’s Professional Bodybuilding by the International Federation of Bodybuilders.

A pioneer in her discipline, her triumph not only highlighted her personal success but also played a pivotal role in spotlighting women’s bodybuilding in the United States.

Merely a year after this landmark victory, she graced the pages of the iconic Playboy magazine, further elevating her celebrity status and capturing media interest.

Throughout the 1980s, Lisa Lyon emerged as a frequent guest on television talk shows and became a staple in health and fitness magazines.

Time in performance

Playboy Lisa Lyon,Actress Lisa Lyon, Book Lisa Lyon, Art and Lisa Lyon, Frank Miller Elektra
Bodybuilder Lisa Lyon dies PHOTO Shutterstock

Besides her illustrious career in bodybuilding, Lisa Lyon also ventured into the realm of acting.

She took on roles in various films, notably ‘Three Crowns of the Sailor’ in 1983.

She further showcased her talents in the bodybuilding-themed movie ‘Getting Physical’ in 1984 and starred alongside Grace Jones in ‘Vamp’ in 1986.

Her versatility and charisma solidified her as a cherished figure in the entertainment world.

Influence of Lisa Lyon

Hall of Fame, Inspirational athlete, Cultural influence, Life of Lisa Lyon, Death of famous bodybuilder
PHOTO Shutterstock

Not only did she shine in the arenas of bodybuilding and acting, but Lisa Lyon also imparted her wisdom through her book, ‘Lisa Lyon’s Magic Body’.

Published in 1981, her book served as a manual for at-home bodybuilding, motivating countless individuals to embark on their own journeys to health and fitness.

Lisa Lyon’s influence didn’t stop there; it also permeated the realms of art and comics.

In 1982, she posed for the esteemed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, celebrated for his striking black and white portraits.

Contribution to bodybuilding

Women's Bodybuilding in the USA, Lisa Lyon's Career, Bodybuilding Success, Lisa Lyon's Movies, Television Interviews
PHOTO Shutterstock

Additionally, she collaborated with the renowned Marvel Comics illustrator, Frank Miller. He modeled the physique of the character Elektra Natchios after her.

Her iconic image served as the inspiration for one of the most emblematic characters in the comic book universe.

Lisa Lyon’s legacy is timeless. Her contributions to the worlds of bodybuilding, entertainment, and art will always be remembered.

In acknowledgment of her influence and accomplishments, she was inducted into the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 2000.

Legacy of Lisa Lyon

Fitness, Fitness Guide, Mapplethorpe Photography, Bodybuilding, Elektra Natchios Inspiration
PHOTO Shutterstock

Her story is a reminder that women can achieve exceptional goals in any field they choose.

The news from TMZ about Lisa Lyon’s passing has left a void in the worlds of entertainment and bodybuilding due to her contributions.

However, the legacy she built throughout her career will endure as a beacon of inspiration for future generations.

Her bravery in facing stomach cancer and her dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle leave an indelible mark on the history of sports and pop culture.

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