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Chiquis pays tribute to Jenni Rivera: Has she surpassed her famous mother?

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Chiquis tribute to Jenni Rivera (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Chiquis follows in Jenni Rivera’s footsteps.
  • Her moving tribute to her mother in Monterrey.
  • People have mixed feelings about her.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter followed in her footsteps and now performs as a banda singer.

Chiquis has developed a loyal following with her music and, on more than one occasion, she has mentioned her mother in her lyrics.

However, one of her most recent performances has given people even more to talk about.

The venue where she performed her show was a very important milestone in her late mother’s career.

Following in Jenni Rivera’s footsteps

Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Musical tribute, Band singer, Arena Monterrey
PHOTO Getty Images

The daughter of the ‘La Diva de la Banda‘ is enjoying performing at various venues on her tour.

However, she recently gave one of her biggest performances on the stage Jenni where Jenni last performed.

In front of a crowd, Chiquis showed that her mother is still very present in her day-to-day life and, especially, in her career.

She thanked the audience by dedicating a few words to Jenni’s memory before beginning to sing.

Chiquis’ tribute to Jenni Rivera

Live Performance, Jenni's Legacy, Music Career, Emotional Concert, Mother-Daughter Connection
PHOTOGetty Images

Jenni Rivera was last on the Arena Monterrey stage in December 2012, just before she died.

And now it was Chiquis’ turn to appear at the same venue, remembering Jenni Rivera with a moving tribute in a speech to the audience.

«Thank you very much, if there is one of you who was here that night …» she began addressing the audience.

«… that she could live that moment that her children did not live with her, thank you, she is still here, alive, because she is unforgettable,» she concluded.

An emotional tribute

Band Diva, Special Performance, Jenni's Daughter, Concert Review, Opinions on Chiquis
PHOTOGetty Images

In honor of her mother, Chiquis performed one of her mother’s hits after finishing her speech, giving way to ‘Inolvidable’.

While the singer shows the love she has for her mother and how she still keeps her memory alive, some were still critical.

They have taken to social media to attack Jenni Rivera’s oldest daughter for her singing.

People have also not missed the opportunity to point out the controversy between Chiquis and her mother before she died.

Divided opinions

Moving Tribute, Banda Music, Musical Hit, Artistic Legacy, Mexican Singer
PHOTO Mezcalent

Chiquis has gained a large fan base that supports her at all times and appreciates that she reminds them of ‘La Diva de la Banda’.

Still, there are others who blame her for the last fight she had with the singer, saying that she betrayed her mother.

Some also don’t think Chiquis inherited her mother’s incredible talent.

Few felt the concert was a moving tribute to Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis is attacked on social media

Live show, Tribute to mother, Emotional connection, Memorable performances, Jenni Rivera in Monterrey
PHOTO Mezcalent

«Too bad she doesn’t sing like her mom… she didn’t bring out her talent,» said Instagram user in the comments.

«Yes and that’s where she also cried for her betrayal,» added another person on the post, mentioning Jenni’s last concert.

«Well, since she doesn’t sing, she always has to hold on to the fame of her deceased mother,» another lashed out.

«And remember right there she dedicated her last song of disappointment and pain to her,» added another user.

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