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K-Pop star found dead at 30 years old

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K-Pop star Park Bo Ram dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Sudden death of K-Pop star.
  • Investigation in progress.
  • Shock in the music industry.

A prominent star of televised singing competitions, who utilized her powerful voice for a decade in the K-pop industry, passed away last Tuesday, according to confirmation from her record label in Korea.

Currently, the police are investigating the cause of death. The young musical artist was only 30 years old.

Park’s agency, Xanadu Entertainment, shared the news of the singer-songwriter and actor’s sudden death on Friday in Korea and stated that the cause of death was under investigation.

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K-Pop star dies


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K-Pop star Park Bo Ram has passed away. The young artist died on Thursday, and the circumstances surrounding her death are currently under investigation.

Bo Ram, who had been a prominent figure in the industry for the last decade, died at the age of 30, confirmed Xanadu Entertainment, her agency, on Friday, April 12th, in Korea.

“Park Bo Ram left us suddenly on the afternoon of April 11th,” the agency stated in a release, as reported by All K-Pop.

“Our hearts are deeply saddened to deliver this sudden news to her fans. A wake and funeral will be arranged after consulting with the singer’s family.”

They found her dead in the bathroom

According to a report from the Namyangju Police Station, Bo Ram was drinking at a friend’s house when the tragic incident occurred.

According to the investigations, she went to the bathroom, and after some time without returning, a friend found her unconscious in the sink. Despite efforts to revive her, Bo Ram did not respond.

She was immediately transported to the Guri Hospital at Hanyang University by emergency services, where she was pronounced dead.

The police are conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of her death, and an autopsy has been requested.

Park Bo Ram’s career

Bo Ram was not only known as a singer but also as a songwriter and actress. Earlier this year, she released two new songs and was immersed in creating new music.

One of her songs, which addressed weight loss, had gained great popularity for its motivational message, according to The US Sun.

The news of Park Bo Ram’s passing has shocked the K-Pop community and has deeply saddened her fans and industry colleagues.

Her sudden departure leaves a void in the Korean entertainment scene and leaves many wondering about the reasons behind this tragic event.

Park Bo Ram fired

During her decade-long singing career, Park Boram was also known for her impactful contributions to Korean drama soundtracks like “Hyehwadong (or Sangmundong)” for the K-drama Reply 1988, according to Billboard.

“For the love of everything and everyone, please don’t let it be suicide. But anyway, may she rest in peace and fly high,” reads a post on social media.

“I don’t know why, but these young people who die suddenly are quite suspicious and heartbreaking. The social pressures that come with being famous and all that sometimes are too much for sensitive souls,” said one user.

“May she rest in peace. I pray it wasn’t by her own hand. My heart breaks for the amount of incidents like this happening in the industry,” were some of the comments.

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