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They confirm that Belinda underwent emergency surgery for a tumor

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Belinda underwent surgery (Photos: Mezcalent/Shutterstock)
  • Belinda cancels show for health reasons.
  • Emergency surgery for Belinda.
  • Belinda’s mother confirms her status.

Belinda raised alarms following the cancellation of one of her performances due to her health condition.

The renowned singer had to be admitted to the hospital for an emergency procedure related to her health.

Now Belinda’s mother confirms important information about the reason that led Belinda to cancel her performance and be admitted to the hospital.

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Belinda hospitalized in emergency

Belinda was operated on for a tumor, Cancer, Belinda, Singer, Mexico
Photo: Mezcalent

On Friday, March 22nd, Belinda was scheduled to perform at the Coatzacoalcos fair, but ended up canceling due to health reasons.

The famous singer raised alarm bells after it was revealed that the reason for the cancellation of her concert was that she was hospitalized in an emergency.

The singer underwent surgery that was supposed to take place at that time, without providing further information about it.

Now, Belinda Schull, Belinda’s mother, has confirmed that the celebrity is in Mexico recovering from emergency surgery she underwent.

Belinda’s mother confirms what happened

Cancer, Belinda, Singer, Mexico, Tumor
Photo: Mezcalent

While passing through Mexico City’s airport, Schull provided statements shedding light on her daughter’s health situation.

Although initially, the medical reasons that led her to the hospital were not disclosed, Belinda later publicly thanked her fans for the well wishes and messages of support received.

However, it was Belinda’s mother who recently provided details about the singer’s medical situation to various media outlets at the airport.

According to her statements, during a medical examination, an unusual lump was found in Belinda’s body, raising concerns that it could be cancer.

Confirm presence of tumor

Cancer, Belinda, Singer, Mexico, Tumor
Photo: Mezcalent

In light of this situation, it was determined that urgent surgical intervention was necessary to avoid risking the singer’s health.

«There was a doctor who gave her the diagnosis. There was a doctor who is treating her, and it was a health issue that required surgery from one day to the next,» explained Belinda’s mother.

She referred to the speed with which action had to be taken due to the discovery of the lump in the body of the famous singer.

In response to a reporter’s question about the apparent tumor found in the singer’s body, Belinda Schull confirmed its presence and shared the conclusions.

Does Belinda have cancer?

Cancer, Illness, Singer, Famous, MundoNOW
PHOTO Instagram Capture

«Se llevó a analítica y fue negativo,» indicating that tests were conducted to determine the nature of the lump, which resulted in a negative result for cancer.

This brought significant relief to Belinda’s family as the possibility of a serious illness endangering the singer’s life was ruled out.

«We are very happy, fortunately,» expressed her mother, referring to the feeling of relief and gratitude for the surgery’s outcome and the absence of serious health complications for the artist.

Currently, the singer is in the process of recovery after her surgery, while her fans and the general public continue to send messages of support and wishes for her speedy recovery. To watch the video, click HERE.

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