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Mexican influencer dies after botched weight-loss surgery

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  • Magnolia Morales died after botched weight-loss surgery.
  • Mexican influencer dies at 29.
  • She had multiple perforations throughout her digestive system.

Terrible news! Magnolia Karolina Morales Camacho inspired her social media followers to improve their health and fight obesity. Unfortunately, after undergoing weight-loss surgery, the Mexican influencer died and her family immediately spoke out.

According to Milenio, the 29-year-old died due to medical negligence that resulted in irreparable damage to her body. Some time ago, she had organized several activities, receiving a lot of support from her followers, to pay for this operation that would end up taking her life. May she rest in peace.

Magnolia Morales had already undergone another surgery

after undergoing weight loss surgery
Photo Twitter

It should be noted that the Mexican influencer had previously undergone another surgery and lost 220 pounds, so she was excited to repeat the experience without imagining the consequences. On July 21 that she entered the operating room again with Dr. Hernán Lizárraga González, who is presumed to be responsible for her death.

Through her official Instagram account, where she had just over 57,000 followers, Magnolia Morales’ family shared a revealing post where they explained what happened to her. They only have one thing in mind: that justice be done and the person responsible for the young woman’s death be punished.

«Today I am no longer here to defend myself, but your help will do me justice»

"Today I am no longer here to defend myself, but your help will do me justice": Magnolia Morales
Photo Twitter

A couple of days ago, a post was shared on the Mexican influencer’s account that says the following: “Magnolia Morales C. is not here today to defend herself. She wasn’t able to survive malpractice. She underwent a gastric sleeve surgery on July 21, 2022 through a cundina (what is known in Mexico as a ‘tanda’) of surgeries performed by Yesly Mendoza, a worker at the Cirugías por Cundinas Surgery Advice organization.»

Dr. Hernán Lizárraga González from Mazatlán, Sinaloa was reported to have performed the surgery. «She had an esophageal leak… she was (sic) there for months where she underwent multiple surgeries in order to repair the fistula,” reads the post. But the worst was yet to come.

The ordeal of the Mexican influencer Magnolia Morales was just beginning

The ordeal of the Mexican influencer Magnolia Morales was just beginning
Photo Twitter

The same post, which provoked all kinds of reactions, states that after the Mexican influencer suffered negligence on the part of Dr. Hernán Lizárraga González, among others, it was decided to transfer Magnolia Morales to another hospital, without her or her relatives imagining what they would say there.

“After various examinations, the reality of her condition was revealed… She had multiple perforations throughout her digestive system, several lacerated and perforated organs, among many other things. She fought for six long months, she lost the battle, but she lived each day with courage and enthusiasm to get ahead… I ask that we raise her voice for her who is no longer with us.”

Her family asks for justice

They ask for justice
Photo Twitter

It didn’t take long for followers of the Mexican influencer to express their discontent after learning of this unfortunate situation that cost Magnolia Morales her life: «We cannot allow people like him (referring to Dr. Hernán Lizárraga González) to be harming so many people… It is necessary to open your eyes… don’t let your guard down. Justice for Magnolia.»

«Plebada, take care and don’t give your health to any plastic pseudosurgeon, investigate and investigate, cheap is expensive and costs lives.» «Hopefully this will open the eyes of many people, the man has several complaints of damaged people. Hopefully justice will be done with him and with the woman of the cundinas, since he’s not the first doctor that she promotes and ends in disgrace!” “What a pity, I hope justice is done.”

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