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Plan cósmico: The Secrets of Planet Earth

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  • Another summary of yet another episode of Plan cósmico.
  • We continue with the story of extraterrestrial contact to learn more about Earth.
  • Messages to take care of what matters most.

In this episode, we embark on a fascinating journey through the deepest secrets of the cosmos, guided by the revelations of Sixto Paz Wells in the Cosmic Plan podcast.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of extraterrestrial contacts, interdimensional portals, and universal laws that defy our understanding of the universe.

Imagine a world where planet Earth has been chosen by beings from other worlds due to its unique characteristics.

Here, the Elder Guides have been transmitting their wisdom for over 50 years.

Vital Messages

Sun, Space, Earth, MundoNow, Podcast

They reveal messages through automatic writing and sightings that have led to direct encounters with extraterrestrial ship crews.

But these encounters go beyond mere observations. What do these messages contain?

Sixto Paz Wells takes us through interdimensional experiences, where luminous portals transport adventurers to other places and times in a matter of minutes, challenging our perception of space and time.

Within these portals, the universal laws that govern the cosmos are revealed: the principles of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender or generation.

The History of Earth

Water, Earth, Galaxy, MundoNow, Podcast

But what do these laws talk about? We anticipate that these laws offer us a deeper understanding of the reality that surrounds us and our connection to the universe.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. How many years old is this planet? We delve into the ancient history of Earth, exploring forgotten civilizations and the evolution of humanity under the guidance and supervision of extraterrestrial beings.

We discover the importance of South America as a center of interest for extraterrestrial contact and the responsibility of contact groups in preparing for a link with the Great White Brotherhood.

And as we reflect on these cosmic mysteries, we are reminded that death is not the end, but rather a transition to another state of existence.

Galactic Themes

Radiance, Light, Dimensions, MundoNow, Podcast

These are just a few of the themes that this episode has for you.

It is a reminder that our journey in this vast universe is full of wonders and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

So join us on this exciting journey as we explore the limits of reality and delve into the secrets of the cosmos.

Without further ado, Plan cósmico bids you farewell for now and thanks you for being with us on these otherworldly topics.

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