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La Huella OVNI: The Wiki, and Ancestral Cultures

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  • UFOS in ancient civilizations of Perú.
  • The show chats about «The Wiki».
  • Aliens and how their relationship with ancient civilizations.

In Show 35 of «La Huella OVNI», they talk to Rafael Mercado from Peru. He speaks about UFOs in Peru and ancient civilizations secrets.

The show leader, Jorge Luis Dorf, says we should think clearly about this and not believe everything from movies or tales.

Mercado shares many things. He says old Peruvian groups made big stone walls and pretty jewels.

He wonders if space folks helped them do this.

Ancient Civilizations of Perú

Arqueological city in Perú

Mercado says that in old Peru stories, there’s talk of gods and machines from space.

He adds that lots of UFOs are seen in Peru. Maybe because of its many places and animals.

Rafael Mercado also talks about old groups and how space folks might have been there long ago.

He mentions people with strange heads in Peru’s past and a special mummy named «wiki» that makes people curious.


UFO in space flying

He talks about a mummy found on a hill near Andahuaylas. This mummy looks different, and many people discuss it.

Rafael chats about times when folks might have met beings from space, old tales that hint at space visitors, and other cool stuff.

He thinks we should look at UFO stories in places like Peru.

He’s curious if drawings on rocks are from old times, mentions strange buildings, and a link to a lake named Titicaca.

Check out Rafael online


At the end, Rafael says you can see more on his YouTube channel «Materia Realismo Fantástico».

The show wants us to be open to what we hear.

Rafael shares cool stuff and hopes people will be curious and learn more about UFOS.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that this space is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about the UFO phenomenon!

UFO trace
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