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They issue a warning of a giant storm on Thanksgiving Day

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  • Giant storm warning for Thanksgiving.
  • It will extend through various parts of the United States until the middle of next week.
  • It will bring rain, thunderstorms and even snowfall.

In the middle of the holiday weekend a storm is threatening America. A huge storm threatens to impact with rain, electrical storms and even snowfall. A warning has been issued for people to take precautions.

Forecasts indicate that the worst impacts will be felt on the holiday weekend in various parts of the country, but it will be the south-central and southeastern United States that will  be most affected bythe approaching giant storm.


Thanksgiving Day Storm
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The storms will impact travelers the most, some flights will be delayed as the activity begins on Black Friday. Rain and floods are expected that will prevent people from flying and they may have to wait a few hours to do it.

These conditions will extend to the western United States and remain until the middle of next week. Experts explain that as this system finds moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, it will create a gigantic storm over the southern plains and the Mississippi Delta region.

Thanksgiving Storm: WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY?

Bad weather USA
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Given this dire forecast, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bill Deger explained: “As the storm evolves Thursday through Friday, rain will begin in the lower Mississippi Valley and southeast, especially from the eastern Texas to northern Georgia, northern South Carolina, and western North Carolina.

He then warned of the problems it will bring: «Due to the dry conditions in the area, and with low water levels in most rivers, lakes and reservoirs, rain is not necessarily bad, but the timing will be inconvenient, since it will start during the holiday and will impact some plans and trips. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Day Storm

Thanksgiving Day Storm: RAINS AND FLOODS

Thanksgiving Day Storm
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In addition, they explain that as the second part of the powerful natural phenomenon progresses, electrical storms will form Thursday to Saturday and early Sunday. 4 to 6 inches of rain could fall on Interstate 10 and 20 corridors with 12 inches in the some places.

Most of the rain will impact Dallas and Houston Thursday night through Friday. In the New Orleans area, the worst travel scenarios will be from today until Saturday. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Day Storm


Bad weather USA
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In addition, they report that around Atlanta, the first torrential rain is expected to begin Thursday night through Friday. People are asked to take extreme precautions.

«However, a large round of precipitation will follow from Saturday through Saturday night in Atlanta and much of the busy I-85 corridor, and is likely to cause travel delays,» the chief meteorologist said on air from AccuWeather, Bernie Rayno, on the powerful natural phenomenon. With information from Accuweather, El Clarín, NotiAmerica. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Day Storm

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