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Winter storm warning for Thanksgiving in New York

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  • The last days of November can be catastrophic.
  • A winter storm could affect Thanksgiving plans.
  • Travelers are warned to be careful.

Storm warning for Thanksgiving. The nearly six foot snowfall in western New York state prompted local authorities on Saturday to further restrict road travel and forced airlines to cancel flights in the Buffalo area just ahead of the busy Thanksgiving holiday.

Snowfall of more than six feet (1.8 meters) has been recorded in two locations, according to the National Weather Service. At Orchard Park, where the NFL’s Buffalo Bills play, snow was 77.0 inches (1.95 meters) in the past 48 hours and Natural Bridge, just east of Watertown, was 72.3 inches (1.8 meters). Those are historic figures for the area.

Thanksgiving travel
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Nearly 55 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this week as the US prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a possible storm in the east that could affect vacation plans and trips for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday is shaping up to be a busy travel day with millions of Americans hitting the road, catching a flight or boarding a train to reach their destinations before Thanksgiving. But officials warn to be aware of the weather. FILED UNDER: Strong storm for Thanksgiving

Deadly storm!

Deaths are recorded!
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A snow plow driver in the town of Hamlet, Indiana, died Friday when his snowplow skidded off the pavement and flipped over, according to the Starke County Sheriff’s Department. Hamlet is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Lake Michigan.

«Rain isn’t a huge problem, but when it starts to turn into snow and there’s very low visibility, it tends to slow things down, if not stop air travel,» said Fox Weather pilot and meteorologist JP Dice. Airlines can deal with the rain, but the snow is beginning to cripple airport operations. FILED UNDER: Strong storm for Thanksgiving

Cool temperatures on the way

Strong storm for Thanksgiving: cool temperatures will come
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The Thanksgiving weather forecast will see cooler temperatures in the eastern half of the country and there is a chance of rain from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast and the mid-Atlantic, as well as the Great Lakes, Valleys Ohio and Tennessee and parts of the Northeast.

Winds will also be light in the Big Apple, making it much easier for the huge balloons to fly through the city streets for the Macy’s parade. Atlanta will likely see another day of temperatures in the mid-60s come Thanksgiving, and there’s a chance of seeing some rain during the day. FILED UNDER: Strong storm for Thanksgiving. With information from Fox Weather and CNN.

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