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The Dove Shack rapper C-Knight is on life support following a stroke

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The Dove Shack, rapper C-Knight, life support, stroke
Rapper C-Knight on life support (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Rapper C-Knight suffers a stroke.
  • He was a member of The Dove Shack.
  • His family prays for a miracle.

C-Knight, a member of the rap group The Dove Shack, is in critical condition after suffering a stroke.

The music world has been shaken by the news that Arnez Conerly is on life support as his family prays for a miracle.

He was hospitalized on October 18 after a blood sugar test revealed alarming results.

George Lee Washington Blount Jr., C-Knight’s father, revealed that this was the result of his struggle with diabetes.

C-Knight and his battle with diabetes

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Photo: Shutterstock

The situation took a dramatic turn when C-Knight suffered a stroke while undergoing dialysis.

This led to cardiac arrest. Doctors managed to resuscitate him, but since then, the rapper has been in a non-responsive state.

His family has been having a hard time as doctors have reported that they have detected no signs of improvement.

They are currently awaiting the results of an MRI that will reveal whether there is any significant brain activity.

The Dove Shack rapper suffers a stroke

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Based on the MRI results, C-Knight’s family will make decisions about his future treatment, according to TMZ.

In the midst of this uncertainty, C-Knight’s family is clinging to hope, «praying for a miracle» and maintaining an optimistic attitude.

The rapper’s friends and colleagues have also expressed their support and prayers for Arnez Conerly’s speedy recovery.

Bo-Roc, also of The Dove Shack, shared an emotional post on social media.

A call for prayers on social media for rapper C-Knight

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Through his official Instagram account, Bo-Roc asked his followers to send positive energy and prayers.

«I’m literally begging all who see’s this post to pray for my brother from another mother and one of my closest friends in the world Arnez a.k.a C Knight from the Dove Shack,» the text reads.

«He’s the founder of the Dove Shack and the reason I had the opportunity to make #summertimeinthelbc for the world,» he continues.

«[S]o please please send him positive energy and healing prayers,» concludes the post.

Rapper C-Knight’s career

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Photo: Getty Images

The Dove Shack, known for their success in the 1990s, became famous with their debut album This Is The Shack in 1995.

The album reached number 68 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 13 on the R&B chart, according to the Daily Mail.

Rapper C-Knight also had a solo career with his hit album Knight Time in 2001.

Despite some ups and downs in their career, The Dove Shack reunited on several occasions over the years.

Arnez Conerly was a major influence on G-funk

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This group is considered major influencers in the G-funk subgenre, which originated on the West Coast.

G-funk is characterized by the use of synthesizers and samples from funk bands of the 1970s and 1980s, such as Parliament.

Prominent figures like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg also contributed to the rise of G-funk with iconic albums like The Chronic.

Without a doubt, Arnez Conerly’s legacy in music is impressive.

Messages of support and affection

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The news about C-Knight’s health has shocked the music world and fans of The Dove Shack.

His loved ones and fans are awaiting updates on his condition and hope that he can recover.

Social media is filled with messages of support during this difficult time.

This demonstrates the impact C-Knight has had on the music industry and in the lives of those who know him.

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