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Daughter of woman beaten to death for the alleged kidnapping and murder of 8-year-old speaks out

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Daughter of accused murderer Ana Rosa speaks (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Daughter of accused murderer Ana Rosa speaks out.
  • Ana Rosa was beaten to death by an angry mob.
  • She is accused of kidnapping and murdering a little girl.

The community of Taxco, Guerrero was horrified by the kidnapping, rape and murder of 8-year-old Camila Gomez Ortega.

This tragic incident has unleashed a series of reactions, protests and demands for justice from family members and people close to the little girl.

It took an even more violent turn when a group of around 10 people physically attacked  a man and woman who were accused of the crime.

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8-year-old Camila was kidnapped and murdered in Taxco, Guerrero

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Photo: Shutterstock

The angry mob was captured on video beating the accused murderer to death and it’s been circulating on social media.

The woman who was killed has been identified as Ana Rosa, and she allegedly knew Camila’s mother.

According to infobae, Ana Rosa invited Camila over to play in a pool with her 10-year-old daughter.

After Camila’s tragic murder, the residents of Taxco accused Ana Rosa of the crime and attacked her.

The daughter of the accused murderer speaks out

daughter of accused murderer, mexico, ana rosa, camila, kidnapping, murder
Photo: Shutterstock

The situation became even more complicated when Ana Rosa’s daughter, identified as Ivanna, spoke out about what happened to her mother.

Ivanna condemned her mother’s violent beating on social media and demanded financial compensation for her family.

She stated that the community was wrong and unfair to take justice into their own hands.

The words of the young woman, who witnessed her mother’s violent death, are heart wrenching.

Ana Rosa’s daughter decries the violence

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Daughter of accused murderer Ana Rosa speaks / Photo: Shutterstock

“It wasn’t one, it was two… The stupid people without being informed acted violently,” Ivanna’s heartbreaking message begins.

“It was a femicide and I demand that justice be done. I experienced firsthand how they took the lives of those I loved most,” she continued in anguish.

“I really hope for an apology and that I am compensated for the minimum damages, although that does not make up for my loss,” the young woman added.

“I do not wish them harm, I wish them peace and that remorse does not come to them.”

The devastating repercussions of Camila’s murder

daughter of accused murderer, mexico, ana rosa, camila, kidnapping, murder
Photo: Shutterstock

She also said: “The truth always comes to light, I just hope that just as they offended us they apologize for what they caused.”

Ivanna’s statements generated controversy on social media, resulting in an avalanche of hate messages towards her.

Faced with this, Ana Rosa’s daughter made all of her social media accounts private.

It was reported that Ana Rosa’s children were at home when she was beaten to death by the angry mob.

An urgent cry to address violence

Investigations, Prison, Social Networks, Reactions, Complaint of injustice by Ivanna
Daughter of accused murderer speaks out / Photo: Shutterstock

Two people were seriously injured by the angry crowd that beat Ana Rosa to death, according to El Heraldo de México.

The case of Ana Rosa and her daughter Ivanna highlights the complexity and devastating repercussions of violence in a community

The incident has shocked and devastated the residents of Taxco, Guerrero, according to infobae.

It has also highlighted the urgent need to address violence and injustice effectively and fairly.

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