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Relatives of Uvalde victims reject report that clears local police

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New Report clears Uvalde police- mundonow, Informe absuelve policía Uvalde, texas
New Report clears Uvalde police (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • A new report clears Uvalde police of wrongdoing.
  • Relatives of the victims are angry.
  • 19 students were killed in the shooting.

On May 24, 2022, one of the most tragic chapters in the history of the United States unfolded.

A young man identified as Salvador Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School, killing 21 people and injuring 18 others.

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Nearly two years after the tragedy, the parents of the slain children continue to seek justice.

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Did the police fail to act?

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One of the most critical points raised in the reports after the shooting was the time it took for authorities to intervene.

It took 77 minutes from the start of the shooting until police were able to neutralize the assailant, Salvador Ramos, in a classroom.

This delay in response was criticized both locally and nationally and sparked intense debate about the effectiveness of school security protocols.

Parents, devastated by the loss of numerous children, demanded a thorough examination of the case and the authorities’ actions.

376 officers responded to the shooting

new report, parents, Uvalde police, mundonow
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Three hundred and seventy-six officers from various law enforcement agencies responded to the shooting, including 100 from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Despite this massive mobilization, the speed and effectiveness in coordinating the response was questioned.

There was particular focus on decision-making and taking proactive measures to stop the assailant and ensure the safety of students and school staff.

The tragedy continues to generate debate about the need to improve emergency response systems in schools.

The DOJ found many issues with the response

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New report clears Uvalde police / PHOTO: Getty Images

According to The Associated Press, one report, conducted by the Department of Justice last January, labeled the local police response a «failure.»

The report indicates that authorities misinterpreted the situation as a barricaded suspect, ignoring calls for help from children and teachers.

Likewise, the federal report coincides with the investigation conducted by the Texas House of Representatives in 2022.

The investigation found «systemic failures» in school security protocols that hindered the effective apprehension of the assailant.

Uvalde leaders ordered their own investigation into the response

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PHOTO: Getty Images

A new report of the events that unfolded at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, comes to a different conclusion about the police resonse.

Contrary to previous reports that pointed out «cascading failures» in the authorities’ actions, this new analysis by a private investigator hired by the city of Uvalde came to a different conclusion.

At a special meeting in Uvalde, investigator Jesse Prado announced his findings that the police did not violate laws or policies in their response.

Prado attributed deficiencies in the police response to communication problems and controlling parents outside the school, according to The Associated Press.

Parents call Uvalde police cowards

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PHOTO: The Associated Press

In addition, the new report clears Uvalde police by highlighting that the officers’ actions were carried out in good faith, ruling out any indication of malpractice.

The city of Uvalde hired Jesse Prado, a former Austin police officer, to conduct the investigation, with a budget of $100,000.

The report, which took 19 months to complete, has not been released to the general public as of yet.

The announcement of the findings prompted shouts of «cowards!» from the audience and caused many relatives of the victims to angrily leave the city council session.

Times and Protocols

investigations, systemic failures, report, police, mundonow
Photo Getty Images

This new report clears Uvalde police of wrongdoing during the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Failures in the police response, according to the report, were due to communication and logistical problems, among other difficulties.

These conclusions differ from previous reports that found deficiencies in school security protocols and coordination of authorities during the incident.

These discrepancies question the effectiveness of security protocols, highlighting the need to improve response procedures.

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