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Clarissa Molina’s ex-fiancé sends a message after confirming breakup (PHOTOS)

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  • Vicente Saavedra breaks his silence.
  • Clarissa Molina’s ex-fiancé sends a message after their breakup.
  • What happened between the two?

Clarissa Molina’s ex-fiance sends a message. Popular 31-year-old Dominican host and model Clarissa Molina was quite excited a few months ago after announcing that she would soon marry businessman Vicente Saavedra. She never dreamed her plans would not come to fruition…

Yesterday Molina confirmed what had been suspected for months, the couple has split. Well, it all started when fans noticed that they were no longer posting content together. But now that Clarissa has confirmed it, her ex shares a surprising message.

Clarissa Molina’s ex-fiancé sends a message

PHOTO: Instagram

The popular El Gordo y La Flaca host put an end to the rumors yesterday, confirming on Instagram that, indeed, her relationship with businessman Vicente Saavedra has come to an end.

«Family, I have always shared all the special and happy moments about my relationship, in which I accepted the engagement proposal with great enthusiasm. Today I feel ready to share that the relationship has ended,» she wrote.

Vincente Saavedra breaks his silence

PHOTO: Instagram

One day after the beautiful 31-year-old Dominican announced the split on her Instagram stories, her ex also shared a message about the breakup.

“Moving forward sometimes means: going to new places, leaving old friendships and relationships behind, having deeper conversations and new customs. Whatever happens, PROGRESA,» Saavedra shared, quoting a famous entrepreneur.

What happened?

Clarissa Molina's ex-fiance sends a message
PHOTO: Instagram

The truth is that neither Clarissa nor her ex have spoken about the reasons why they broke up. They both looked very much in love months ago and they announced their engagement in a romantic way. This is why people think something serious happened.

However, Molina’s fans have expressed their support for her through a Despierta América post: «It was about time you said it because that man was not for her, I never liked them, they did not look good together.» «The best thing you did.» «The best thing she did, find a man without children.»

Has Vicente already gotten over her?

Clarissa Molina's ex-fiance sends a message
PHOTO: Instagram

Vincente Saavedra deleted photos of Clarissa from his Instagram months ago, but she still has some of her best moments they shared. Therefore, there is a lot of suspicion about what could have happened between them.

Meanwhile, Vicente turned off comments on his Instagram photos to prevent fans of the model from getting involved and attacking him as this is something that happens very often with celebrities. So far this is all we know.

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