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Wedding ends in tragedy when a guest dies while dancing

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  • A wedding guest dies in India of a massive heart attack while dancing.
  • It was all caught on video.
  • He collapsed on stage.

Wedding guest dies suddenly. A terrible tragedy as guests were celebrating the bride and groom, when a man suffered a massive heart attack while dancing. He collapsed on stage in front of everyone, according to El Mañana.

The moment when the man collapsed and died was caught on video. He apparently died almost instantly because when paramedics arrived, he was already gone.


guest dies prom wedding
Photo Twitter

The video lasts just over a minute and you can see everyone celebrating when the couple gets on stage with three other men to show off their moves. It was a happy moment.

Amid pink curtains and red and white flowers, the couple was having a great time as everyone danced the night away, never imagining what was about to happen.


party cardiac arrest

Photo Twitter

Thirty-two-year-old Dilip Raujkar, who attended the wedding in the city of Chhattisgarh, wearing a cherry-colored shirt, light-colored pants, and black sandals, showed off his best steps dancing next to the newlyweds.

At one point Dilip stopped and looked tired, so he sat on the platform to rest a bit when suddenly the unthinkable happened. He fell backwards, clutching his chest as the stunned guests looked on.


guest dies prom wedding
Photo Twitter

The bride who called an ambulance that arrived in a matter of minutes, however, they could not do anything to save the man’s life. An autopsy confirmed he had died due to fulminant myocardial infarction.

The party immediately ended as it was confirmed that the deceased was the bride’s uncle. So after the wedding, they were planning a funeral.


death indian festival
Photo Twitter

Internet users were shocked by the tragic video: «There is no time for death, life goes away in a moment.» «How sad he looked so happy celebrating the wedding.» «Here is the importance of maintaining some physical activity.” “The best thing is to avoid dancing or doing anything after eating.”

The video has gone viral, as you can see the moment the man has a heart attack and passes away in front of the wedding guests.

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