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Chiquibaby has a terrible skiing accident while on vacation

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  • Chiquibaby had a skiing accident on vacation.
  • She shared photos of her dramatic rescue.
  • We hope she has a speedy recovery!

Mexican host Chiquibaby had a terrible accident on her ski vacation. She shared photos of the initial moments of distress and pain as experts rescued her under challenging conditions.

The artist herself revealed all of the details of what happened. She shared a video from the day she arrived in the snowy mountains with her brand new husband and some friends such as Adamari López ,with her little Alaïa, and Karla Monroig. No one expected she’d end her vacation in the hospital!


Chiquibaby vacation accident
Instagram photo

The host has become one of the favorites on Hispanic television in the United States and she has more than 406,000 followers on Instagram. Sadly, on the first day of her ski vacation, she wound up in an ambulance.

Step by step, Stephanie Himonidis shared all the details from the beginning of her trip. «How did it start?…How did it end,» was the title of the post where she described the accident. Her followers were shocked and wished her a speedy recovery.


Chiquibaby vacation accident
Instagram photo

She posted: “First day of Ski. What a bad vibes, well, I didn’t fracture it, but I sprained two ligaments, so now let’s take it easy on my vacation! The experts say that it is a very common injury, unfortunately, be careful.”

The rescue and first-aid teams arrived quickly. They stabilized her and then put her on a stretcher to take her to the hospital by ambulance. That’s where they explained her injury.


TV presenter injured
Instagram photo

Her co-host and friend, Adamari López was one of the first to comment: «Comadre pa’ lante enjoy it nobody takes it from you.» While someone else wrote: «Damn, what a bad move, but cheer up there will be more opportunities and other things that you will be able to enjoy your vacations, surely you are in Colorado with your coma Ada, look, they would have come to Utah we have good and beautiful places to ski, get better soon, blessings.”

Other people said: “I hope you are well soon.” “Take care of yourself, good luck next time.” “Poor thing, hope you recover soon.” “Hi chiqui, did something happen to you, my girl? Did you have an accident? Don’t scare me.» «I love your attitude honey.» «I want you back on a New Day baby the program is no longer the same without you princess.»

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