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Businessman dies after being hit in the head by helicopter propeller (VIDEO)

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Businessman dies Photo: Shutterstock
  • Businessman dies after being hit in the head with a helicopter propeller.
  • The incident occurred at Rancho El Gallito, in Hidalgo.
  • The video was posted on social media.

A video is circulating on social media shows the exact moment when a man was hit in the head with a helicopter propeller.

In the video you can see a helicopter approaching landing.

After it touches the ground, a man approaches and is hit in the head by a propeller, causing him to fall to the ground.

The incident occurred at a ranch called El Gallito, located in Singuilucan, Hidalgo. Tequila businessman Jorge Casillas Castellanos, 52, was killed in the incident, according to Lopez Doriga.

Businessman dies after being hit by helicopter propeller

Businessman blow head propeller 1 helicopter

Businessman dies / Photo: Twitter

Local authorities arrived at the ranch and the businessman was immediately taken to the General Hospital of Tulancingo, but his head injury was too severe.

“By protocol, said personnel transferred the wounded man to the General Hospital of Tulancingo. In the hospital, the doctors tried to save him, but the man had cardiac arrest several times, reported Excelsior.

The 52-year-old tequila businessman Jorge Casillas Castellanos was originally from Jalisco.

He worked for Casa Galindo tequila.

Reactions to the video

Entrepreneur Jorge Casillas Castellanos (The Informant Querétaro)

The video of the incident was shared on social media and people were quick to comment.

«It is totally strange !. The blades are stable without rocking and their height in relation to the ground exceeds 3 meters. The height of this person does not exceed 2 meters, it looks like a kind of flash, I thought before seeing the video that it had been with the tail rotor! It’s weird!”commented one Twitter user.

Another mentioned that it seems that the man was shot: «Looking at the video it seems that he was shot because the propeller looks very high.»

“I have always seen in private and military videos that when people approach to board helicopters they lower their heads and lean their bodies a lot. Now I know why.”

To see the video click HERE

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