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Viral video of 4 women harassing Hispanic hot dog vendor in San Diego

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  • 4 women harass Hispanic hot dog vendor and it’s caught on video.
  • The women did not want to pay for the food and damaged the merchandise.
  • The video has gone viral on social media.

Women harass Hispanic hot dog vendor. Many people dream of having a better future and think that living in the United States will help them achieve their goals. However, sometimes it can be very difficult.

Unfortunately, sometimes members of the Hispanic community are harassed by ignorant, racists. Such was the case when a young street vendor encountered four rude white women.

4 white women go viral for harassing a young Hispanic hot dog vendor

Hispanic attacked by gringas
Photo: Instagram

Recently, a video was shared showing a group of girls at a hot dog cart. People on Instagram and TikTok were immediately outraged by how they were treating the Mexican vendor.

Edin Alex Enamorado shared the video on Instagram. “Contact @csusm @yogasix and @starbucks where one of them is employed. Shame on you Mersalle Haider, Arianna Rasooli and your little friends.,” reads the description.

The girls began licking their fingers and touching the food

Hispanic attacked by gringas
Photo: Instagram

In the video you can see the four women insulting the Hispanic vendor and even stealing food. They also licked their fingers and touched his merchandise. The incident, which occurred in San Diego, outraged many in the Hispanic community and beyond.

At one point, one of the girls throws what appears to be garbage into the young Mexican’s hot dog cart. Later another of the young women grabbed some food, took a bite and put it in one of the buns that he already had prepared for sale.

The University of San Diego is investigating the incident

The University of San Diego will take action in the case of the Mexican attacked while selling hot dogs
Photo: Instagram

«If you charge me, I’m going to fuck you over… everything, do you understand me?» says one of the girls while the young man implores, «Please don’t touch my products.» They responded, «She’s not doing anything,» After a few minutes, another of the girls took more food while another said, «Everyone grab a hot dog.» After that a voice off camera is heard saying, «My God, what are they doing?»

This provoked several reactions on social networks, including that of the University of San Diego, “ We are grateful to those who promptly reported this incident to the university. The actions of those who appear in the video are disturbing and inappropriate.” Netizens also spoke out. 

Internet users comment

The reaction from Internet users was soon present

Photo: Instagram

“We should organize a protest in front of your brotherhood.” This is the type of young people is worrying.” “The rampant disrespect is disgusting.” “The fact that a Hispanic person was involved is baffling to me.” “Justice” “No to racism,” some users commented.

Both the University of San Diego and Yoga Six, where apparently the girls are members, decided to take action on the matter. The school has asked that those who witnessed what happened provide information so they can take appropriate action against the girls who harassed the hot dog vendor. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE 

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