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Ángela Aguilar is ‘discovered’ in what attributes she ‘hides’ on her body (VIDEO)

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Ángela Aguilar, rellenos, cuerpo, espectáculos, entretenimiento
Ángela Aguilar body attributes (Photo: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive)
  • They criticize Ángela Aguilar for ‘highlighting’ her curves
  • Do you use shapewear and padding?
  • Christian Nodal’s girlfriend was exhibited without mercy

Ángela Aguilar remains in the eye of the hurricane after her unexpected courtship with Christian Nodal earning attacks from people.

And many call her «responsible» for the breakup between Cazzu and Nodal, however, she did not care and boasts of her great love for the singer.

Now, in the midst of the controversy, a video of the mexican singing in one of her shows and being exhibited for what she ‘hides’ on her body.

Presumably, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter would use padding and a girdle to accentuate her attributes and in a video, they would demonstrate it.

Does Ángela Aguilar use fillers?

Ángela Aguilar, video, exhibited, social networks, shows

The TikTok account ‘juniorrobertoosi’ uploaded the video in which you can see how Ángela Aguilar approaches the public at one of her shows.

Immediately, they recorded it and asked if (the attributes) were hers’; In the images she shows her silhouette marked by her waist in a red corset, with tight black pants.

And it is evident that Ángela Aguilar at 20 years old could use a girdle, as well as padding in her butt and her frontal attributes, because of the way her body looks.

Although it is obvious that she does not need them, since she has always exercised and shows it on her Instagram account where she looks more natural.

Criticism for what they discovered

fillers, video, concert, show, music

In one part of the video, the singer turns on her side and her body was more evident on the theory that she was even using ‘sponges’, according to the comments.

«She brought sponges», «It’s a girdle», «They are hers but she does use a girdle», «She bought them and they are fake», «He is very poorly accommodated», they commented.

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And a person dedicated to drag added: «It is poorly distributed,» «You have to keep it well and the sash firm,» he specifies.

You can see the video here for which they are criticizing Ángela Aguilar.


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