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Anahí worries her followers after leaving RBD concert due to health problems

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Anahí leaves RBD concert, Brazil, Performance, MundoNow, News
Anahí leaves RBD concert (Photos: Mezcalent / Shutterstock)
  • Anahí leaves RBD concert due to illness
  • Massive social media support
  • Recovery messages flood comments

RBD is on tour after returning to the stage after several years away from the music scene.

However, on the night of Friday, November 17, Anahí had to leave the stage after experiencing terrible discomfort that prevented her from continuing.

Images showing the singer receiving medical attention have begun to circulate through social media.

Anahí released a brief statement for her followers, in which she explained what she was going through on Friday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Anahí leaves RBD concert

Anahí illness during concert, Anahí, RBD, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Anahí illness during concert PHOTO Mezcalent

«I want to thank each one of them, my four brothers, because they know that this have not been easy days,» Anahí began on stage.

«I’m in a lot of pain, I really feel very bad for not giving you what you deserve and I didn’t want to miss tonight,» her message continued.

«Being here with you for me is the most important thing because we have waited many years,» she said as the fans began to show their support between screams.

The public demonstrated through shouts and cheers their support. She explained that she would leave the stage to go to the hospital and find out what was happening to her.

Singer releases statement

Anahí, RBD, Rebelde, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Anahí illness during concert PHOTO Mezcalent

Through her Instagram account, through her stories, Anahí shared with her followers a brief statement about what happened in Brazil.

«Dear friends. For the first time in my life, I had to leave a concert due to a health problem,» the message began on their social media.

«My heart is in pieces because it’s really what I would have least wanted,» she explained to her fans about her leaving the stage.

«I have had several days with unbearable pain in my ribs, back and head. Very high fever and chills,» she added about her discomfort.

Reveals illness

Rebel, Singer, Mexican, Mexico, Brazil
PHOTO Mezcalent

«According to the blood and scans studies that were performed on me, I have a severe kidney infection, a lot of inflammation and pain,» she revealed about her condition.

«I am in the hands of the doctors and for the moment thinking about the most important thing, which is health,» she told her followers after the medical results.

«Thank you for your love Brazil and I apologize for having to leave with 4 songs left to finish the show,» she concluded her message.

In turn, the singer shared a video of the moment she said goodbye to the public accompanied by the message: «You are my strength.»

Images showing its condition

Mexican singer, Mexican band, Telenovela rebel, Music, Brazil
PHOTO Mezcalent

Through the ‘Chico Farándula’ Instagram account, images have been shared showing the famous woman in the hospital.

In the images you can see Anahí lying in bed while being treated by a medical team, in addition to being transferred in a wheelchair.

Other photographs they shared of the singer show her in what appears to be an ambulance, where her face reflects the pain she was going through.

Through the comments, followers of the Mexican group began to show their support for the singer.

Follower reaction

Mexican singer, famous, celebrity, Sao Paulo, Brazil
PHOTO Mezcalent

«The best of the group, may she get better soon,» «I pray to God for your health and speedy recovery,» some users commented on the publication.

«Cheer up! Mexico with you!» “May you recover soon,” another person added.

«Quick recovery», «God is good, he will give you your recovery», expressed other of her followers to the singer.

To see Anahí’s images click HERE.

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