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Ana Patricia Gámez bursts into tears in the middle of ‘Enamorándonos USA’

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  • Ana Patricia Gámez cried on Enamorándonos USA.
  • The Mexican beauty could not hold back her tears.
  • Her father passed away two years ago.

Ana Patricia Gámez had an emotional moment on Enamorándonos USA and she broke down, like several guests on the show.

Even her co-host Rafael Araneda shed some tears. The moment aired a few days ago on the Univisión show.

It is no secret to anyone that the host recently lost her beloved father who was battling cancer for several years.

The disease finally defeated him in the summer of 2020 when she herself announced the sad news on social media.

Ana Patricia Gámez cried during the show

They made Ana Patricia Gámez cry
Photo: Instagram

Contestant Emanuel Calmo gave all the guests, contestants and viewers of Enamorándonos USA goosebumps because he has been looking for love on the show for a few weeks.

He’s been away from one of the people he loves most, his father. They have a complicated relationship and haven’t spoken in many years.

On Enamorándonos USA they made the impossible possible and surprised the young man by reuniting him with his father.

It was very emotional for everyone who witnessed the moment and Ana Patricia Gámez was one of the most affected, remembering that she had lost her father just two years ago.

What happened on the show?

A case moves her
Photo: Instagram

Emanuel Calmo’s father embraced his son who did not stop crying at the moving reunion he had yearned for for a long time, since their relationship was quite distant.

Rafael Araneda said simply: «Some of them had tears in their eyes.»

But Ana Patricia Gámez’s words to the contestant on Enamorándonos USA went further.

She advised him to ‘make amends’ with his father and without hesitation she specified: “Those of us who no longer have a father, because he has already passed away, can’t give that hug we want or hear his voice.»

Ana Patricia Gámez misses her father and could not hold back her tears

Ana Patricia Gamez cries
Photo: Instagram

And to the recommendation that he hug and kiss his father while he is alive, Ana Patricia Gámez recalled again that her father is no longer with her and was moved, telling Emanuel Calmo: “Your father lives, you have a whole life ahead for sharing with him.”

In June 2020, the sad news of her father’s death shook everyone: «My beloved Father: your departure leaves a great void in my heart that I will try to fill by remembering all the beautiful experiences I had by your side.»

«Thank you for the childhood that you gave me and because I shared with you wonderful moments when I grew up.»

«You are my great warrior who for 5 years fought against cancer and like a strong oak you did not want to let yourself be defeated, but God decided so and I know that today you are by his side. You died in peace and you no longer suffer,» the Mexican host wrote at the time.

Moving comments about the Enamorándonos USA reunion

Case in Falling in Love
Photo: Instagram

The audience immediately commented on the father and son reunion: «The truth is that I am very moved, I lost my mother only 6 weeks ago and I would have given my life to be able to hug her again.”

“Beautiful moment…. I loved how sensitive and heart-opening she was.” “There are so many parents who have done permanent damage with their absence.”

Other people commented: «What a great emotion, it made me cry because I don’t have my father alive and I miss him as if it were today the he left; he left me 14 years ago.»

«My son didn’t have a father figure either. His father abandoned him when he was 4 years old. And he is very hard because time does not come back. But life is transformed. Someday, when you have your own children, strive to be a present father, the one that you lacked.”

How beautiful and what an example not to feel ashamed being a full-fledged man to give so many kisses to your daddy, beautiful.” To see the moment that made Ana Patricia Gámez cry click HERE.

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