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AMLO responds to Trump’s claims he will close the border

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López Obrador, Trump, Mexico-US Border / López Obrador, Trump, Frontera México-EE.UU
AMLO responds to Trump / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • AMLO responds to Trump.
  • Trump has claimed he will close the border with Mexico.
  • What did the Mexican president say?

In recent days, former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has been sparking anger.

He pledged to close the border with Mexico following his victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Now, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has responded by emphasizing the impossibility of cutting the connection between the two countries.

López Obrador, aware of the economic and social implications of such a measure, addresses the situation from a pragmatic perspective.

Trump wins the Iowa caucuses

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Photo: Getty Images

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador countered recent statements by Donald Trump.

After his victory in the Iowa caucuses, Trump promised to close the border with Mexico.

In response, López Obrador categorically stated that the border between the two countries «cannot be closed,» highlighting the importance of economic and social integration.

In his daily press conference, the Mexican president dismissed Trump’s statements as part of the typical rhetoric of U.S. political campaigns.

AMLO responds to Trump

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Photo: AP

«Many things are said during campaigns to try to win votes,» said AMLO, emphasizing the impossibility of closing the U.S. border.

He pointed out that this is due to the fundamental economic and social relationship between Mexico and the United States, according to EFE.

López Obrador’s response comes after Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucuses, where he announced that he would close the border as one of his first acts if he’s reelected.

«We’re going to seal off the border. We have an invasion, an invasion of millions and millions of people that are coming into our country,» Trump declared in his triumphant speech.

AMLO says he has no personal issues with Trump

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Despite Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric, López Obrador stated that he has no personal problems with the former president.

He only recalled their disagreement in 2019 when Trump imposed tariffs on Mexico to curb undocumented immigration.

«There really is no problem with President Trump,» clarified Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The Mexican president emphasized the importance of being good neighbors and economic integration between the two countries.

Immigration challenges

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Photo: AP

«Imagine closing the borders for a day, what it means in terms of loss for U.S. and Mexican companies,» warned López Obrador.

He emphasized the economic benefits of keeping the border open.

Pressure on the bilateral relationship has increased following the historic irregular migration in December, with an average of more than 10,000 people daily.

López Obrador acknowledged this challenge but attributed it to the presidential elections in both countries.

Is it just a political strategy?

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Photo: AP

«All of this has to do with the campaigns. Yesterday there were elections, party primaries are being held,» he asserted.

«When I have seen at least the results of the Republican Party’s primaries, President Trump is ahead,» López Obrador added.

The president suggested that anti-immigrant stances are political strategies to gain votes.

Amid uncertainty and tensions, López Obrador seeks to maintain a pragmatic stance, according to EFE.

What the future holds

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Photo: Getty Images

López Obrador’s response to Trump’s threats to close the border highlights the complexity and interdependence between Mexico and the United States.

Although tensions surrounding immigration persist, the Mexican president underscores the importance of keeping economic and social channels open between the two nations.

López Obrador’s pragmatic stance emphasizes the need for cooperation when addressing bilateral challenges, according to El Universal.

Global attention remains focused on the evolution of this post-Trump relationship, while Mexico seeks to preserve stability and promote joint solutions.

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