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Latino Democrats in Congress oppose Biden’s concessions on border issues

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Latino Democrats oppose Biden (Photos: Shutterstock/Getty Images)
  • Hispanic Democratic legislators oppose Biden.
  • They are upset by his concessions on border issues
  • The Biden administration is being harshly criticized.

Latino Democrats in congress are speaking out against President Biden’s concessions during border security talks.

Led by Senators Alex Padilla and Ben Ray Luján, they have gone from discreetly expressing their concerns to open opposition.

President Biden faces criticism from both Republicans and Democrats over his handling of border and immigration issues.

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Photo: MundoNOW

In the midst of intense negotiations on Capitol Hill over border security, Latino legislators are speaking out about their opposition to Biden.

Senators Alex Padilla of California, Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico and Bob Menendez of New Jersey have expressed concern over measures they consider regressive.

And they have also questioned the direction of the conversations around immigration, highlighting their frustration.

From the beginning, these legislators have been in constant contact with government officials, expressing their concern about border issues.

Do Hispanic Democratic legislators oppose Biden?

Latino legislators, Joe Biden, border security, immigration, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Given the situation, Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California has been regularly speaking by phone with administration officials about immigration issues.

According to The Associated Press, it is known that the current negotiations have not included any significant consideration about a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

It was hoped that this would be a part of any agreement.

New Mexico Democratic Sen. Ben Ray Luján made similar arguments while attempting to meet with senior White House officials, the AP noted.

A warning for Biden?

Negotiations on Capitol Hill, Democrats, Senators, Alex Padilla, Ben Ray Luján
Photo: AP

Furthermore, Senator Padilla even had a direct conversation with President Biden, warning him about the possible consequences of adopting harmful policies.

He pointed out that this could affect Biden’s popularity in the run up to the 2024 election.

The controversy comes at a critical time for the Democratic president, as Republicans are holding up funding as they push for these concessions on border security.

According to the AP, he wants a $110 billion package for Ukraine, Israel and other national security needs.

Have the negotiations stalled?

Bob Menendez, border measures, immigration policies, United States, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

However, these negotiations have become complicated terrain, drawing criticism not only from the Republican opposition, but also from members of his own party.

Latino lawmakers, while initially observing silently, are now speaking out.

They did not hesitate to argue that returning to Trump-era measures is not the solution and could aggravate the immigration problem.

At a Congressional Hispanic Caucus press conference, they expressed their displeasure with Republican senators demanding changes to immigration policies.

Democrats against Democrats?

Ukraine, Israel, national security, border crisis, White House, Chuck Schumer,
Photo: AP

Democrats criticized President Biden for making concessions that they see as undermining the United States’ position as a welcoming country for migrants.

The lack of inclusion of Latino senators in the main negotiating group has generated additional tension, according to the AP.

Despite having presented progressive proposals to address the immigration system, they feel excluded from key decisions.

Senator Padilla pointed out that the leader of his bloc, Chuck Schumer, has promised to make the proposals known before the final agreement.

What does the agreement include?

Hispanic Caucus, migrant rights, dreamers, international aid, legal complexity
Photo: AP

The talks, which recently intensified on Capitol Hill, are focused on drafting a framework agreement that should be ready by Sunday.

However, the complexity of US immigration law has made negotiations difficult and arduous.

The proposals under discussion include provisions that could legalize «Dreamers,» undocumented individuals who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Among the most controversial proposals was the possibility of allowing border agents to easily send migrants back to Mexico, which caused outrage.

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