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Alix Aspe leaves ‘La Mesa Caliente’ after her contract was not renewed

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Alix Aspe sale del programa 'La Mesa Caliente' tras no renovar contrato
  • Host Alix Aspe leaves the Telemundo network.
  • They claim that she chose to leave La Mesa Caliente.
  • Why would she choose to leave the show?

Another Telemundo host is leaving! This time it is Alix Aspe who will no longer host La Mesa Caliente. After Adamari López’s departure from the morning show Hoy Día, amid rumors she was ruthlessly fired, it is said that Aspe chose to leave the network.

Apparently, the host of the Telemundo show had been offered a new contract. However, the network didn’t offer enough for Aspe to continue on La Mesa Caliente.

Alix Aspe leaves La Mesa Caliente

Alix Aspe leaves the program 'La Mesa Caliente'
PHOTO Instagram

The news that Alix Aspe was leaving the show broke on Monday, May 1. On Instagram @chamonic3 reported that the host rejected the proposed contract Telemundo offered for her to continue as host of La Mesa Caliente.

They point out that Aspe received the offer last week and she was given until Monday, May 1, to give them her answer. Now it seems she rejected the offer.

Did Telemundo fire her just like Adamari López?

Are they fired the same as Adamari López?
PHOTO Instagram

However, journalist Mandy Fridmann says that Alix Aspe was fired.  She stated that the presenter didn’t make the decision to leave and that her case is similar to what happened to Adamari.

Apparently, the television network is still making adjustments to its programming, so Aliz may have been another victim of this. The journalist points out that in reality, there was no contract renewal offer.

People aren’t happy she’s leaving

They do not agree with his departure
PHOTO Instagram

At the moment, neither Telemundo nor Alix Aspe herself have made a statement in this regard, so the truth is still unknown. However, viewers have already expressed their disappointment at the news.

“The one that keeps the program fresh is leaving.” “The one that should leave is Myrka. She has no charisma.” “I can’t believe it!” “What? Alix is ​​the best of that table. I can’t believe it.” “Telemundo is going from bad to worse, she is super talented and look.” “She’s the best thing that program has.” “I don’t understand that decision!”

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