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Álex Kaffie leaves Imagen TV after being sanctioned by Nacho Lozano

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Álex Kaffie abandona Imagen TV tras ser sancionado por Nacho Lozano
  • Álex Kaffie has quit Imagen TV.
  • This comes after he was sanctioned by Mexican journalist Nacho Lozano.
  • He posted a statement on Instagram.

Fights in show business sometimes get out of control, as in the case of host Álex Kaffie, who ended up leaving Imagen TV after being sanctioned by the Mexican journalist Nacho Lozano.

Kaffie shared a statement on social media saying that he been treated unfairly and that, despite the fact that the sanction imposed by Nacho Lozano has ended, Álex has no intention of hosting Sale el Sol again or working for the network.

Álex Kaffie leaves Imagen TV after being sanctioned by Nacho Lozano

Álex Kaffie leaves Imagen TV after being sanctioned by Nacho Lozano
PHOTO: Twitter

According to Kaffie’s official Instagram account and El Universal, Álex Kaffie has decided to resign from Imagen TV after being sanctioned because of a «tantrum» thrown by Nacho Lozano.

So, why was he sanctioned? Everything goes back to about a month ago, when Nacho announced that he had abandoned his previous projects to return to Imagen TV. The network welcomed him with open arms but that was the beginning of the end for Kaffie.

Álex Kaffie posts a statement on Instagram

Álex Kaffie leaves Imagen TV for Nacho Lozano, writes a statement on networks
PHOTO: Instagram

In a column for El Heraldo de México, the host and journalist revealed all the «demands» Nacho Lozano had to appear on Imagen TV studios and forums. This is why he was sanctioned by the network.

In addition, Kaffie also pointed out that as a way to promote his newscast, Nacho declared that only Paulina Mercado has the right to interview him, something that angered Álex because he wanted to get Lozano «back down to earth» as he seemed to be able to do whatever he wanted.

What does the statement say?

What does the statement say?
PHOTO: Twitter

Álex Kaffie posted a statement explaining everything that had happened between him and Nacho Lozano, saying that he no longer wanted to be part of the network after being suspended from the show without pay.

«The senior executives of Imagen Televisión, at his request, punished me by removing me from the screen without pay (after the written column), such reprimand has ended, however, I have made the decision not to return to work at the channel in which, at the whim of an employee, you are stepped on,” Álex wrote in his post.

Kaffie may already have another project on the horizon

Smarter than you think? It is possible that Kaffie already has another project on his hands
PHOTO: Instagram

Although resigning from a television network is a big deal, the reality is that there are rumors that Álex Kaffie wanted to find the perfect excuse to leave and join their competition.

The television station in question is none other than Televisa. Supposedly the host will be participating as a panelist in the popular reality show La Casa de los Famosos.

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