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Alejandro Nones talks exclusively to MundoNOW about ‘Pacto de Sangre’

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Alejandro Nones talks about 'Pacto de Sangre' (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Alejandro Nones on his new series Pacto de Sangre.
  • He praises the cast.
  • Bárbara de Regil stands out.

MundoNow had the privilege of speaking exclusively with the talented Venezuelan actor Alejandro Nones.

The Caracas-born actor unveiled the most intimate details of the new ViX series, Pacto de Sangre.

The plot, based on a Chilean drama, promises to immerse viewers in an exciting roller coaster of emotions.

It is the story of four friends whose destinies are altered by the tragic death of a dancer at a bachelor party.

Alejandro Nones talks about Pacto de Sangre

pacto de sangre, marco de la o, tania lizardo, flavio medina

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Benjamín, Marco, Rubén and Gabriel — played by a stellar cast — have managed to maintain a solid friendship over the years.

Their partners, Tamara, Miranda, Ana and Julieta are also part of this group, adding layers of complexity to the plot.

An unexpected death triggers a series of events that will lead them to face guilt and the fear of losing the lives they have built.

Alejandro Nones had nothing but praise for his co-stars and production of Pacto de Sangre saying the show is «captivating from the first moment due to its great quality.»

About Nones’ character on the show

mexico, drama, tragedy, juanita arias, luis ernesto franco, alejandro nones, pacto de sangre
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Delving deeper into his character on Pacto de Sangre, Benjamin, Nones revealed fascinating details and some secrets.

Benjamín Vidal, a successful plastic surgeon with an impeccable professional reputation, presents himself as a role model.

His serene, prudent and cautious personality defines him as a conservative and solemn man.

He and his wife Tamara, played by Bárbara de Regil, have built a family that is the most important thing in their lives. His friends consider him a mediator.

Did Alejandro Nones have chemistry with Bárbara de Regil?

pacto de sangre, Alejandro Nones, bárbara de regil, vix, actress, series
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Touching on every detail of the series, Alejandro Nones also commended his co-star, Bárbara de Regil.

He expressed his deep appreciation for the chance to work with her and emphasized her consistently outstanding performances.

«Working with Barbara has been one of the greatest highlights of my career; her talent is immense,» he said.

«She was instrumental in shaping the character of Benjamín, and I couldn’t have done it without her,» Alejandro Nones added.

Pacto de Sangre airs exclusively on ViX!

vix, cast, actors, tv series, erika de la rosa, aldo escalante
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The combination of a talented cast and a captivating plot promises to thrill audiences, taking them through a journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

The series is billed as a feast for drama lovers, promising to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with every episode.

You cannot miss a single episode of Pacto de Sangre on Vix.

«I invite all people to download ViX and don’t miss this great series, we hope you like it,» said the actor.

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