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Bárbara de Regil criticizes Chiquis Rivera’s figure

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FOTO: Getty Images
  • Barbara de Regil went viral for giving health «advice».
  • Chiquis Rivera shows off her incredible body.
  • What did the influencer say about the singer?

Mexican actress Bárbara de Regil has gone viral on social media for sharing tips for «a healthier life» with her followers. Although she has also had some controversies, recently one of them was speaking badly about Chiquis Rivera.

On this occasion, Bárbara de Regil found herself in a difficult situation for criticizing Chiquis Rivera’s body. Although there were no outraged people on her profile, there were many comments on all the pages where Venga la Alegría’s video was shared.

Barbara lashes out at Chiquis!

Barbara lashes out at Chiquis!
PHOTO: YouTube

This happened a few weeks ago when, on Venga la Alegría, they asked the fitness instructor what she thought about Chiquis Rivera’s body type, as Jenni’s daughter is curvy, something that she said she doesn’t like. Rivera is known for her voluptuous figure.

Chiquis has been losing weight and has shown her followers the big change. The Mexican fitness instructor was attacked on social media for the comments she made about the daughter of La Diva de la Banda’s daughter’s body. Barbara had already been involved in other controversies. FILED UNDER: Bárbara de Regil Chiquis

Both want ‘every body’ to be respected

Both want 'every body' to be respected
PHOTO: Instagram

It should be noted that boyh women often speak out for body positivity and against judging people for their physical appearance. That is why it was odd that she made those comments.

Barbara has an athletic body and shares low carb and low fat diets, she also shares workouts for all her followers. Meanwhile Chiquis continues to show her curvy body type that has become fashionable n the past decade. WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE

The fitness instructor «would not imitate» the singer

Bárbara de Regil Chiquis: The coach
PHOTO: Instagram

During a meeting with the media that was broadcast by Venga la Alegría, the fitness influencer mentioned that she wouldn’t try to emulate Chiqui’s curves. «It’s not my body style, it’s not a body that I would make or have, I find it very sexual,» Barbara began.

Already referring to the artistic talent of Chiquis, Bárbara de Regil said she was willing to work with her on future projects. «Of course I would like to, she’s beautiful and very pretty,» she said later. FILED FROM: Bárbara de Regil Chiquis

Attacks on social media

Bárbara de Regil Chiquis: Attacks on social networks
PHOTO: YouTube

Jenni Rivera’s daughter tweeted that she was not interested in criticism against her. “Today I decided that those who don’t love me are still worth sh*** to me. I love myself… and my boss bees too, so BANANAS! I still don’t give a damn! #TryAgain #AbejaReina,” wrote the Baila Así and Vas a volver o Paloma Blanca singer on August 4.

Some of the angry messages to the actress for having judged Chiqui’s physique: «It’s better to go sell fake protein.» «She’s too old to be bothering a singer like that.» and «Not that very body positive?» FILED FROM: Bárbara de Regil Chiquis

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