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Aidé Popoca and daughter Ashley shot and killed by her son in murder-suicide

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Aidé Popoca fue asesinada a balazos por su propio hijo Rafael Popoca en Mesa, Arizona, en un brutal crimen que ha sacudido a la comunidad.
  • Aidé Popoca and her daughter were shot to death by her son Rafael.
  • He then turned the gun on himself.
  • The murder-suicide took place in Mesa, Arizona.

Aidé Popoca was shot to death by her own son, Rafael Popoca, in Mesa, Arizona. The brutal crime has shaken the community. Rafael Popoca, 21, shot and killed his mother Aidé Popoca, 46, and his teenage sister Ashley Popoca, 14.

After killing his mother and sister, Rafael Popoca turned the gun on himself. The crime was classified as a murder-suicide resulting from domestic violence. The tragedy was discovered when Aidé Popoca’s boyfriend arrived at her apartment and found the bodies.

Aidé Popoca was murdered along with her daughter Ashley

Aidé Popoca, 46, and her daughter Ashley Popoca, 14, were shot to death by Rafael Popoca, 21. (PHOTO: Taken from GoFundMe)

The crime report, consulted by MundoNow, details that on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 7:30 p.m., Mesa, Arizona police received a call from a person who reported a shooting with badly injured people in a house at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Country Club Drive.

Officers from the Mesa Police Department (MPD) responded to the call. Mesa is a city in the southeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area. When police arrived at the house, Aidé Popoca’s boyfriend met them outside.

Rafael Popoca killed himself

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Despite being in a state of shock, the man told the MPD officers that he went to Aidé Popoca’s house after work and when he entered he found her badly wounded along with her children Rafael and Ashley. He did not know what had happened.

Upon entering the house, MPD officers discovered that there was nothing they could do to save Aidé, Ashley and Rafael Popoca. The MPD Homicide Division investigated the case and, based on forensic evidence, concluded that the young man had killed his mother and sister shooting himself.

“A caring, hard-working mother who lived and fought for her children”

Aide Popoca
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Amairani Cruz, Aidé Popoca’s eldest daughter, started a GoFundMe account to help bury her mother and her two siblings. “These are times when we need the support and love of all our friends and family,” wrote Amairani Cruz.

“It’s not just the pain that they are no longer with us, to put them to rest is the next difficult step… my mother was a loving, hard-working mother who lived and fought for her children as a single parent. Ashley was… beautiful and loving and amazing,” Amairani Cruz said of her mother and her sister on the campaing Funeral expenses for Loving mother and daughter.

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