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Actor Tobias Langhoff dies on his 60th birthday (PHOTOS)

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  • Prominent German actor Tobias Langhoff  dies.
  • He passed away on his 60th birthday.
  • Some of the actor’s most important roles.

The film world is in mourning after the death of a renowned German actor. Hundreds of  messages have been appearing on the internet after his passing. The saddest thing is that, according to the statement released by his agent, the actor died on his 60th birthday.

On Wednesday, November 30, Tobias Langhoff’s agent, Marketa Modra released an official statement about the actor’s death: «We said goodbye to a loving, funny, helpful and kind man,» according to Corsa Online.

How Tobias Langhoff became interested in movies

Actor Tobias Langhoff dies
PHOTO: Getty Images

Tobias Langhoff was born in the city of Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany in 1962. Tobias dedicated his time to the theater from a young age and, according to Corsa Online, he studied performing arts at Ernst Busch in Berlin.

After finishing his degree, the actor, who passed away yesterday, began to appear on stage at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, the Thalia Theater in Hamburg and the Burgtheater in Vienna. This happened before his film career took off. Filed Under: Actor Tobias Langhoff dies

Langhoff’s most popular productions

Actor Tobias Langhoff dies
PHOTO: Getty Images

After he began to develop his skills in the theater, Tobias Langhoff move into television and starred in popular dramas, such as: Tatort, Bad Banks, Babylon Berlin. His most recent role was in the World War II drama by Edward Berger, Nothing New in the West.

According to the Corsa News, Langhoff played the role of the Prussian general and military attaché Detlof Sigismund von Winterfeldt. However, the actor’s talent was not something that arose overnight. Filed Under: Actor Tobias Langhoff dies

Acting was in his DNA

PHOTO: Getty Images

Es Euro reported that the love for acting was in Tobias Langhoff’s blood. His father, actor and director Thomas Langhoff, loved the stage. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2012.

Tobias’s grandfather, Wolfgang Langhoff directed the Deutsches Theater from 1946 to 1963, so it is thought he inherited his great love for acting. So far no cause of death has been released, according to Golden Kamera. Filed Under: Actor Tobias Langhoff dies

Fans mourn Langhoff’s death

PHOTO: Getty Images

Hundreds of farewell messages began to emerge on social media after the unfortunate news was released. Just when fans were planning to send birthday greetings, they discovered the heartbreaking news that he died.

Jan Josef Liefers wrote an #obituary for the late actor #TobiasLanghoff for us, his oldest and best friend. @JanJosef Liefers.” “Whether you knew Tobias Langhoff or liked Jan Josef Liefers. It is the story of a male friendship that moves you, saddens you and makes you think.” “I knew him Ephemerally personally. This text is… no, I can’t find a suitable word. It touches me deep inside,” said some users devastated by the news. Filed Under: Actor Tobias Langhoff dies

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