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4 people killed and 8 injured in a massive brawl at a wedding

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  • Police confirm the death of 4 people.
  • It happened when a fight broke out at a wedding.
  • 8 people were injured in the incident.

WEDDING ENDS IN TRAGEDY! In Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, an incident after a wedding celebration left four people dead and eight more are being treated for injuries they sustained. According to initial reports of the Spanish media, they were hit by a car.

The police are investigating the incident that turned the happy celebration into a scene from a horror movie. At the moment, the story is still developing and people are mourning the deaths at what should have been a joyous occasion.


Photo: Twitter

A wedding in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, ended up becoming a horror show for attendees when a car ran over a people that were gathered outside a restaurant. Local media reports indicate that four people were killed, while eight were injured by the impact.

According to Madrid police, the authorities were told that there was some kind of brawl or confrontation. The fight took place during the wedding and a vindictive guest retaliated after the event, according to The Sun.

Was it intentional?

Was it intentional?
Photo: Twitter

Apparently the brawl caused the wedding guests to disperse outside a restaurant in the early hours of the morning. The confrontation between relatives turned deadly when a man drove his car repeatedly into several people. ABC Noticias.

There was a group of 200 people surrounding the area where the incident occurred. The National Guard arrived at the scene an hour later and began the search for the person presumed responsible for the fatalities.

Did they arrest the person responsible?

Wedding causes deaths Spain: Did they arrest the person responsible?
Photo: Twitter

The police confirmed the arrest of three people after the terrible tragedy. Doctors from SUMMA112, the Red Cross and a municipal ambulance and Civil Protection personnel responded to the scene at around 2:44 in the morning, reported RTV.

Authorities said «the driver of a gray Toyota Corolla hit a group of guests and fled with his two children and his nephew in the direction of the A-4,” reported RTV. At the moment, they are still investigating what caused the fatal incident. Filed Under: Wedding Causes Deaths Spain

Did they die at the scene?

Wedding causes deaths Spain: Did they die at the scene?
Photo: Twitter

ABC, reported that emergency services declared four people dead at the scene. They were a 70-year-old woman and three men aged 40, 60 and 17 years old. The victims died from injuries they sustained after the car hit them causing fractures and multiple other injuries. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Shortly after, it was reported that eight people were taken to local hospitals due to serious injuries. They include two middle-aged men with leg and pelvic fractures and two women with head injuries, two other people also had potentially serious injuries, said. The Sun. Filed Under: Wedding Causes Deaths Spain

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