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You lost a lot of weight! They show surprising physical change of ‘Polita’ the little actress of Vivan los Niños (PHOTOS)

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Instagram: Vivan Los niños Lovers
  • Ana Paula Cáceres who gave life to Polita appears with an incredible change of look
  • The 26-year-old confesses that she suffered from eating problems
  • In addition to arguing that he suffered bullying at school

Surprising! The actress Ana

Paula Cáceres appears, the young woman who played ‘Polita’ in the children’s novel Hurrah for the children, and surprises in social networks by showing you the incredible physical change that young she had, in addition to confessing that she suffered bullying when she was a child.

Being a national success, Hurrah for the children was a Mexican children’s telenovela created in 2002, said story was a readaptation of the 1989 Argentine telenovela called Carousel.

This novel told the story of the little 2nd grade children from the “Patrio Unida” school, who, as they passed through the chapters, managed to steal the hearts of more than one of the spectatorsAmong them was Polita, the little girl who always brought a big lunch box and ate it every hour.

Polita physical change

PHOTO: Instagram. @vivanlosninoslovers

Well, the unforgettable Polita was played by the 26-year-old actress, Ana Paula Cáceres, who today looks unrecognizable, surprising many of the Internet users on social networks for her shocking physical change.

And it is that the young woman left behind that charming little girl with pink cheeks, to give way to a slimmer and slimmer figure, which raised many suspicions due to its surprising more aesthetic and contoured physical change.

According to the portal of Famous Univision, On January 27, Polita’s actress, Ana Paula carried out a dynamic on her official Instagram account, in which she consisted of answering all the doubts of her followers.

Ana Paula Cáceres Polita

PHOTO: Instagram. Ana Paula Cacéres

Given this, one of the questions that Polita had was whether she would undergo cosmetic surgery, to which the young actress answered yes but that she was very afraid of recovery and operation as such, but the part that would like to have surgery would be the chest.

Later, the young Polita, who surprised with an incredible physical change, also confessed that during primary and secondary school, Polita suffered bullying from several of her classmates, who still had them on social networks.

The young 26-year-old actress, Ana Paula Cáceres, who would surprise with a shocking physical change, by showing herself thinner and curvier, used her social networks to answer several of the questions that followers had about her.

Confessing that part of the secondary and primary young He had suffered bullying from his classmates, and some even had them added to their social networks.

PHOTO: Instagram. @vivanlosninoslovers

“From primary school to no one literal, and in secondary school, I don’t want to expose them here, because they follow me, you know who they are. I know they know ”, wrote Ana Pau Cáceres, better known as Polita.

On the other hand, Ana Paula also took the opportunity to give advice to a follower who suffered bullying from her boyfriend due to his weight, arguing that the best thing was to leave there, reflect on whether that person It really left something positive in his life.

PHOTO: Instagram. Ana Paula Cacéres

It should be remembered that this weight loss brought him various problems, such as an eating disorder, which he would later reveal: “I suffered from an eating disorder called binge eating, in which it consists of not stopping eating even though you feel full, vomiting or your belly hurts ”, he told TV Notes last December.

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