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Who is the woman who died after being hit by a train while taking a selfie?

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woman selfie train, death - mujer selfie tren, Dulce Alondra García Hernández, muerte, Hidalgo, MundoNOW
Woman taking a s elfie hit by train (PHOTO: Screenshot of X)
  • Dulce Alondra García Hernández Dies from Reckless Selfie
  • Dulce Alondra hit by train
  • Tragic Lesson on Social Media

It’s one of those cases that’s hard to believe. It’s unimaginable that, in the 21st century, something like this could happen, all due to a moment of carelessness.

This Tuesday, June 4th, a video involving a particularly tragic death went viral on social media.

In an attempt to take a selfie while a train was passing at full speed, a woman lost her life instantly.

Upon hearing this news, many people wanted to know the identity of the person: Dulce Alondra García Hernández, 28 years old.

Everyone Wanted to See the Passage of ‘La Emperatriz’

woman selfie train, La Emperatriz, Mexico, accident, MundoNOW
Woman Selfie Hit by Train -PHOTO: Screenshot from X

Like many others, Dulce Alondra wanted to witness the passage of ‘La Emperatriz’ through the state of Hidalgo.

She wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a selfie with this spectacular train in the background.

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This railroad is one of the last of its kind in the entire world today.

The young woman got too close, never imagining that a protruding part of the train would strike her in such a way that she would die instantly.

Celebrated Her Birthday in May

woman train selfie, birthday, son, May, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Screenshot from Facebook

Originally from Huichapan, Hidalgo, Dulce Alondra García Hernández will be remembered as the woman who died after being hit by a train while taking a selfie.

Just last May 12th, she had turned 28 years old. She leaves behind a young child between 5 and 6 years old.

It was known that she graduated with a degree in Business Management Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Huichapan (Iteshu). She was a teacher by profession.

This Wednesday, June 5th, family and friends said their final goodbyes. Rest in peace.

The tragic death of Dulce Alondra leaves a cruel lesson: nothing is worth a few likes on social media.

This woman who died after being hit by the train while taking a selfie had her whole life ahead of her.

Local media report that the young woman was excited about the passage of the locomotive, according to a post she made on her Facebook account.

If you want to see the video of this tragic accident, click here. Viewer discretion is advised…

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