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William Valdés breaks his silence about CD9 reunion

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William Valdés on CD9 reunion (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • William Valdés on CD9 reuniting.
  • Will he be involved?
  • Concert tickets are sold out.

The music world is ready to welcome back iconic boy band CD9.

The return of CD9 has shocked their fans and raised curiosity about the reactions of those who were once part of the group.

William Valdés, who chose to leave CD9 before their big break, has weighed in on the news.

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Boy band CD9 makes a triumphant return

William Valdés on the return of CD9, William Valdés, CD9, Singer, Venga la Alegría
PHOTO: Meznivel

At 30 years old, William Valdés is in a transition period after leaving Venga la Alegría, where he was a host.

Now, he weighs in on the announcement of CD9’s farewell concert at the CDMX Arena, after a six-year break.

The return of CD9 has been as surprising as it is gratifying for their fans, which is reflected in the rapid sale of tickets for their farewell concert.

Valdés, who was part of CD9 at the beginning, has shared little-known aspects about his experience in the group.

William Valdés on CD9 reuniting

William Valdés, return of CD9, CD9, Singer, Venga la Alegría
PHOTO: Meznivel

After Valdés was recruited to join the band in the United States, the experience didn’t meet his expectations.

He found the lack of stable housing and other conditions during his stay in Mexico difficult.

«I have nothing to do with it (in the CD9 concerts), but I found out and I really wish them the best,» commented Valdés when asked about the band’s reunion.

In an interview, Valdés clarified that his return to Mexico is not related to the CD9 concerts, since he never performed live with them.

CD9’s impact on its fans

William Valdés, return of CD9, CD9, Singer, Venga la Alegría
PHOTO Mezcalo

Despite having been an early member of the group and appearing in one of its most successful videos, Valdés chose to leave the band before they made it big.

However, he recognized the success achieved by his former colleagues and expressed his respect for their work.

He pointed out that they made CD9 popular with the Mexican public.

Although he insists he won’t appear in their farewell concerts, Valdés wishes them the best and celebrates the positive impact that CD9 has had on their fans.

William Valdés breaks his silence

Come Joy, Singer, Famous, Mexico, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezheat

«I really respect all the work they have done. I feel that they did the work, I was at the beginning,» said Valdés.

I was in that video that reached 5 million views in two days, but I decided not to continue with the project. I am no longer part of the group, and over these four or five years they did the work,» he acknowledged.

The return of CD9 and the announcement of their farewell concert have generated a flurry of emotions among fans, highlighting their lasting impact.

Although William Valdés is no longer a part of the group, his opinion highlights the importance of recognizing the effort and talent of those who have contributed to CD9’s success over the years. To see the video click HERE.

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