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William Valdés tells the truth about his departure from Despierta América (VIDEO)

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  • William Valdés tells the truth about his departure from Despierta América.
  • The actor came face to face with Javier Ceriani.
  • “They did kick me out of Univision,” said William.

William Valdés is leaving Univisión. The program Gossip No Like, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, aired a live broadcast from the facilities of TV Azteca where they met with actor and singer William Valdés. It should be remembered that he had been working at Univision and was fired.

The host greeted the hosts of Gossip No Like and they took the opportunity to interview him. Very few know about the bad relationship that William and Javier have but this time viewers noticed it. The video of the interview was broadcast on his YouTube channel.

William Valdés talks about his departure from Univisión

William Valdés talks about his departure from Univisión

The Argentine host’s annoyance was plain to see upon the arrival of the Cuba native. While William Valdés welcomed him to Mexico, Ceriani began with scathing comments and said to the actor: “Mexico is a generous country because Miami’s leftovers end up here,” in a clear jab at William.

It should be remembered that the Gossip No Like program often talks about William Valdés and they usually don’t say good things about him. Those issues were discussed during the interview. The Argentine has criticized the Cuban on several occasions, so the rivalry between the two has been growing.

William Valdés states that he was fired from Univision for being late

William Valdés affirms that lateness was the cause of his departure from Univision

The conversation became heated when Javier Ceriani got straight to the point and asked William to answer once and for all if it was true that he had been fired from Univisión, while he was talking to Elisa. The actor and singer spoke up right away without hesitation and told the truth.

“I am going to tell you clearly, as I have always been myself and I’ve always been like an open book with the press. That is not a lie; it’s only the truth what you have said about me, yes they fired me from Univisión,” said Valdés. Clarifying that the reason was because he was late to the Despierta América show every day.

Ceriani and William Valdés face to face as he talks about his departure from Univisión

Tremendous hold between Ceriani and William Valdés when he talks about his departure from Univisión

Then, the young artist stated that he was very young at the time and didn’t know how to deal with sudden fame and wealth, since he had come from nothing. Elisa Beristain told him that this was the case for many who start their entertainment careers when they are too young.

At that, William replied that the way in which entertainment careers take off is beyond his control and that he regrets not having valued his work at that stage of his life. Then he turned to the Argentine host and said: “I saw you in the corridor and I turned away, why? Because you’ve talked a lot of shit about me and you’ve told a lot of lies.”

William Valdés and Javier Ceriani at each other’s throats when talking about his departure from Univisión

William Valdés Javier Ceriani came up with everything when talking about his departure from Univisión

William Valdés even dared to call Ceriani a liar, since he insisted that on many occasions the Argentine has repeated nothing but lies about him. Faced with this accusation, Javier Ceriani was offended by the Cuban’s words and they began to argue. When things started to heat up, Elisa asked her partner to calm down: “They are going to kick us out, it’s the first program and they’re going to kick us out,” she told the host.

At the end, both men made peace, when Javier congratulated William for clarifying things and being open and up front. William, in turn, praised Javier for growing the program’s audience and drawing attention to the importance of social media in the industry. Before saying goodbye, Valdés asked the Argentine to follow him on Instagram, to which he replied: “Don’t punish me by making me look at your photos.” TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef

William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef
VIDEO: Instagram

A few days ago, Cuban host, William Valdés, after being fired from the Despierta América show, surprised everyone when he made a strong accusation against a famous chef in an interview: “As he is in front of the camera, he is in real life,” he said. Who was the host talking about?

In an interview with his former partner, Matilde Obregón, the 27-year-old actor also complained about an issue he had with one of the show’s chefs. He said the chef had been really rude to him, to such a degree that he had been the one who had received the harshest criticism among all his colleagues, during the entire time.

“He was always unpleasant”

"He always threw me bad vibes"
VIDEO: Instagram

And it all started when Matilde Obregón questioned William Valdés about the treatment he had received during the contest. She also highlighted the alleged behavior that chef Herrera had exhibited from the beginning towards the Cuban: “I initially believed that chef Herrera was unpleasant to you, because he criticized everything you said or did.”

William Valdés responded confrontationally to Matilde: “Initially? He was always unpleasant,” said the singer of the Mexican boy band CD9. He launched his musical career with that band before being replaced by Bryan Mouque, a member who remained in the group for several years. Filed Under: William Valdés leaving Univisión

I had never talked about this, said the Cuban

I had never counted that, said the Cuban
PHOTO: Instagram

However, things were just getting started. After stating that chef Adrián Herrera was unpleasant, William Valdés talked about how rude the Mexican chef was at the beginning of the competition, commenting that he had been very rude towards him when they questioned the reason for his attitude: “Well, the truth is that I don’t know and this is the first time that I’m going to talk about it because I have never said anything on this matter before,” he began.

After this, the Cuban talked about the experience he had had with the Mexican chef: “In the first days of taping we were all outside and Chef Herrera was walking with his little camera, and I told him ‘your camera is pretty cool’ and to the surprise of the host himself, he did not get the answer he expected at all. Filed Under: William Valdés leaving Univisión

And who are you? He says that Laura Zapata asked him

And who are you ?, affirms that Laura Zapata told him
PHOTO: Instagram

“And he turns around, very serious, there was Choco, Laura Zapata was there, and he says to me ‘and who are you?'” These words were surprising even for the host Matilde Obregón, who like William Valdés didn’t expect such a response from chef Herrera.

After this, the chef answered his own question and, according to William, he said: “Ah, you’re the little Cuban, you’re not a celebrity in this country, this country belongs to Mexicans, and I was like ‘Jesus’, and Choco and Laura didn’t know how to react and I was like ‘ah okay’ and then he said, ‘oh, I don’t know anyone here.’ Filed Under: William Valdés leaving Univisión

“I am a very explosive person”

"I am a very explosive person"
PHOTO: Instagram

“And then, there was like a pause. We wondered what was up with him, because it was definitely not a joke. We were not even on the show or even still recording, and we were out of that forum. Yes I always noticed a bad vibe coming from him and in the way he said things,” commented presenter William Valdés regarding the treatment he received from chef Herrera during his participation in Master Chef México.

After these statements, William Valdés commented that he had always been an explosive person, a personality flaw that he doesn’t know if the production team told Chef Herrera: “There are psychologists in the production team who know exactly what your weak points are and I don’t know if they had already discussed with him that I’m a very explosive person, I explode very quickly.” Filed Under: William Valdés leaving Univisión

“I was treated differently”

"I had a different treatment"
VIDEO: Instagram

Despite this, William Valdés stated that he never exploded during the show but he did swear to chef Herrera: “I didn’t explode on Master Chef, once I did tell him to f &% $ # off but yes, it wasn’t on air, but yes.”

The Cuban actor also stressed that the treatment he received from the chef was very different from the way he treated his companions, since the singer received extremely harsh criticism compared to the other participants: “The truth was that the things he said to me and the way he treated Bebeshita so nice didn’t match, and she is not that good of a cook and she knows it, she knows I have said it and I love her very much but it’s the reality”. Filed Under: William Valdés leaving Univisión

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