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Vanessa Lyon reveals what Carlos Calderón is doing after leaving ‘Despierta América’

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  • Vanessa Lyon has surprising news about the former host.
  • What is Carlos Calderón is doing after leaving Despierta América?
  • Fans were shocked by the news.

What is Carlos Calderón doing after leaving Despierta America? This year did not start in the best way for Carlos Calderón, because during the first weeks of January the Mexican host was let go from Despierta América and he posted the news on social media.

In an Instagram post, Carlos Calderón shared a brief message confirming his departure after fans wondered why he had been absent from the Univision morning show.

What is Carlos Calderón doing after leaving Despierta America?

Carlitos Calderón Wake Up America
Photo: YouTube

«Thank you for letting me wake up America for so many years. I will miss singing our hymn ‘Con Despierta América’ in the mornings, wake up well, gentlemen…’ It has been an honor and a privilege work for a company that I consider my second home and hand in hand with a team that I will miss as good friends are missed. And you, who are my second family,» he shared at the time.

Now, almost half a year after his departure from the Univisión morning show, people wonder what he is currently doing to support his family.

Vanessa Lyon reveals how the Mexican host is handling this difficult stage in his career

Carlitos Calderón Wake Up America
Photo: YouTube

Carlos Calderón’s current financial situation was revealed in an interview that his wife, Vanessa Lyon, did with Mamás Latinas. She spoke for the first time about how the Mexican host is handling this stage of his professional life.

«At the beginning it was very hard and I think there were many questions, waking up at dawn suddenly with tachycardia and with fear and emotionally torn… That’s why I made a couple of comments (on social media) because I was the one who saw that pain so closely and the injustice of what happened and I said ‘it’s very powerful,'» Vanessa Lyon told Mamás Latinas.

“He has been very emotionally intelligent”

Carlitos Calderón Wake Up America
Photo: Vanessa Lyon

«He has been very emotionally intelligent. I see him at peace, calm, he has activated other facets of his creativity that had been a little dormant. He has really enjoyed Leon. He’s a super dad. He teaches him a lot. He’s a baby who is a little advanced, I think that because he has helped a lot, he has stimulated his intellectual side a lot,» continued Carlitos Calderón’s wife.

She also revealed what he told her: «It’s an impressive thing when he says, ‘I miss the set but sitting here with my son giving him breakfast is priceless, I wouldn’t change it for anything.’ And I think it was one of the most vulnerable and most transparent moments I’ve seen of him.»

Is Carlos Calderón working now?

The hard times he went through
Photo: YouTube

So, what is Carlos Calderón currently doing and how do they support themselves financially? “Right now they’re expanding the housing business in Mexico, which is really a beautiful proposal because it helps foreigners and people who are working hard here who want to save money and send it to Mexico and build their future, so it’s something that he and his partner have continued to work hard on,» said Vanessa Lyon

«Part of Carlos’s family is coming to the United States so there are some projects with them… And there is another big project that is coming up in Mexico in terms of architecture. It’s something that we create together that is great. He is also putting a lot of his knowledge into each area and I am also, my creativity, so we put it together and we have a beautiful team behind that’s stuck with us.» she added.

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