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Was the face deformed? Clarissa Molina scares with very puffy lips and cheekbones (VIDEO)

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  • The presenter Clarissa Molina appeared with her face disfigured?
  • The body of the collaborator of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ was perfect, until now?
  • The driver appears swollen and with huge cheekbones and lips

Clarissa Molina left all her fans scared thanks to a video she shared in which she appears as no one had seen her, because her face looks ‘disfigured’, swollen and with very thick lips, which made everyone question whether she had submitted to cosmetic surgery, did you also do something to your body?

The collaborator of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, is on vacation on the beach and does not stop conquering with her beauty and her body, but now she left everyone shocked by the rarity of her face that undoubtedly presented aesthetic changes that did not they favored him.

Clarissa Molina left everyone shocked by her face

Clarissa Molina (Instagram)
Clarissa Molina (Instagram)

In the video, the beauty queen has very smooth skin, but something is wrong with her face, with her very bushy eyebrows, her long hair in braids, she wears a gray mask and her eyelids are dark shadow while her lips shine too swollen.

Could it be that the presenter managed to have a cosmetic surgery in which everything went wrong? When her lips and cheekbones were thin, now Clarissa Molina appears in those images with remarkable balls and pronounced lips as if she had been injected with collagen.

Clarissa Molina scared with her face

The face of the driver causes controversy (IG)
The face of the driver causes controversy (IG)

The video was shared by the account of Instagram from ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ under the description: “OMG! But what is that Clarissa Molina? ”, While people were horrified by the new face of the driver, who seemed to have had surgery and was all swollen.

«Seriously, I didn’t do anything to myself, it was just a little touch-up, a little something,» Clarissa Molina is heard saying as she boasts her ‘new face’ with pink lips and inflated cheekbones, which undoubtedly generated controversy with people. from the Instagram account and the criticism began …

Was it disfigured? Clarissa Molina presented ‘changes’ in her face

Clarissa Molina face (IG)
Clarissa Molina face (IG)

To the video of the presenter, people could not believe what they were seeing: «I told you not to put anything on your lips and look now it seems like N …», wrote Raúl de Molina before the images and clearly making fun that his friend looked like how Ninel Conde turned out.

The criticisms for the Puerto Rican continued: «Ninel get out of that body», «She looks like Ninel», «That’s a filter», «She looks like Ninel Conde with that filter LOL watch out if the change of the clari was inspired by Ninel «,» It is a ridiculous filter «,» It was ruined and so beautiful it is «,» Very young I think he does not need anything at his age! But that’s her decision! «

The presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca was compared to the face of Ninel Conde

Disfigured from her body? Clarissa Molina hits (IG)
Disfigured from her body? Clarissa Molina hits (IG)

The comparisons with Ninel Conde in front of Clarissa Molina’s face did not stop: «It is Ninel Conde’s filter», «They told her not to eat lobsters and look what happened», «Ninel’s twin sister», «She looks like Ninel Conde ”,“ You don’t need that filter mija because in reality you are like that ”,“ hahaha never do botox ”.

«Ninel conde, is it you?», «Her face is paralyzed from so much botox and those lips», «There is a God, such a beautiful woman and she was damaged because women do not generate one with all the youth that you do not need anything», «that does not is she is a filter «,» Ninel’s plastic spirit got into her «, but the secret was about to come out …

Clarissa Molina looked like Ninel Conde but people did not know her ‘secret’

The driver scared IG)
The driver scared IG)

Clarissa Molina’s ‘secret’ behind said face is that the model and host was using an Instagram filter in which she probably simulated having a recently performed operation with her voluptuous lips and swollen cheekbones, but many people did not ‘catch’ .

«The face is so pretty it was», «Why is her face damaged this girl looks good she is beautiful without so much Botox», «Just like Ninel Conde», «What happened?», «It was not done nothing is just a filter that he put in and it does look like Ninel Conde «,» there is Clary or playing, you do nothing, you are beautiful and natural, «they commented. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO

After surprising with her face, Clarissa Molina showed off her body on the beach

Clarissa Molina's body looks flawless (IG)
Clarissa Molina’s body looks flawless (IG)

After using her filter to ‘deform’ her face, Clarissa Molina appeared on the beach in a sexy white top and a denim skirt that revealed her toned legs and wore long braids and dark glasses against the sun, while doing a dance challenge in the sand.

The presenter was very good to accompany her and wrote: “Las nenas challenge acoustic version with one of #LasNenas @laduraca ”, while the singer appeared interpreting the song and setting her rhythm for the dance steps and Clarissa Molina shaking her body.

In shorts the sexy latina danced showing off her body on the beach

Clarissa Molina body (Instagram)
Clarissa Molina body (Instagram)

The comments for Clarissa Molina showing off her body on the beach, appeared: “Thanks for your good vibes”, “I love it !!!!!!! And I love braids how much I would like to be in my land, enjoy my love ”,“ Clarissa’s great body ”,“ You wore it Clarissa, you were spectacular, blessings ”.

«But that was super clary, please put your exercise routine», «what a great body Clarissa Molina beautiful mermaid waist», «And where did this tortilla come from?», «Disorder, disorder I do not want to behave», «that beach look is super. The most beautiful in the Dominican Republic ”, wrote her fans. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO

Clarissa Molina’s body impacts with a pink bikini

bikini El Gordo y la Flaca (IG)
bikini El Gordo y la Flaca (IG)

The Dominican model and presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca, Clarissa Molina amazes locals and strangers by appearing in a sexy bikini that reveals her huge figure and breasts, and raises the temperature on social networks showing off her curves.

Through her Instagram account, the actress also captivates her followers, after sharing an image where she reveals her incredible figure, which leaves all the men who visit her social network profile with their mouths open and visualize the photo.

The presenter conquers with her beauty and her body

Clarissa Molina Body (IG)
Clarissa Molina Body (IG)

Clarissa Molina is a professional model, actress, television presenter, and Dominican beauty queen. She participated in the Univisión reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, where she was the third finalist. In the same year, Miss Dominican Republic 2015 was crowned.

The 29-year-old Dominican constantly turns on her Instagram account, posting photos where she shows off her toned body with outfits that leave nothing to the imagination, being one of the most beautiful presenters on the Univision network.

The sexy driver captured the glances on her face

Clarissa Molina face (IG)
Clarissa Molina face (IG)

«One of the great reasons why I have achieved the best version of me physically has been thanks to my friends from the soul of @goldengirls_mia!», Wrote the Dominican in her photo where she shows off her body in a two-piece swimsuit of pink color, while posing on the grass.

“Since I fell into your hands, my dear Adri, my life changed with your magic touch, your unique detox massage technique, especially for believing in my potential and having the vision from day 1! Thank you for supporting me and motivating me more than ever to achieve the best version of me! I love you soooooo much! Thank you for always being by my side! ”, He thanked. Some images of this note come from the following video

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