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Was it her husband or her religion? Allisson Lozz reveals the true reason for his departure from the novels (PHOTO)

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  • Allisson Lozz reveals the truth of why he left the acting world.
  • After so many doubts, Allisson explains why.
  • The former actress reveals her relationship had nothing to do with her decision

Allisson Lozz truth: The former actress, and 28-year-old Mexican promise,

Allisson Lozz, revealed today the real reason why she left the world of novels, clarifying all the doubts she had left in her wake after announcing her retirement.

Allisson Lozz had a great trajectory in the world of novels since 2003 when she appeared with the role of villain in the telenovela Alebrijes y Rebujos, starting a promising career in acting, where many argued that little Allisson was going to become a great promise of the Show.

However, and after several stellar in novels like: To hell with the handsome, In the name of love, SOS Mission, The two faces of Ana, etc, all great and acclaimed productions, in 2010, Allisson decides to retire from acting, leaving many questions among the audience.

Allisson Lozz true

PHOTO: Instagram. Allisson Lozz.

After her departure, there was much speculation that the actress had decided to move away due to her relationship with Eliu Gutiérrez, with whom she married in the year after her retirement. Others argued it was because of their religion, as the show’s young promise had become a Jehovah’s Witness.

However, no answer was confirmed, until today in which Allisson Lozz decides to tell the whole real reason for his departure from soap operas.

It was through her official Instagram account that the former actress Mexicana decided to tell the absolute truth of her departure to her followers.

The publication in which Allison Lozz consists of a photograph of her posing leaning against a tree, while she looks completely blonde, with a hat with pink flowers and a navy blue dress, while you can see trees of different colors in the background, giving a more autumnal touch to the photo.

The snapshot, which already has more than 6 my likes, brings as a legend the following: “Autumn is a second spring, where each leaf is a flower” (Albert Camus) ”.

However, what many of its followers They were not expected was that in this publication Allisson Lozz revealed the whole truth of his departure from the novels, clarifying all the doubts about it.

After a promising career, where Allisson Lozz managed to melt more than a few with her performance, the former actress finally tells the truth of her retirement in the acting world.

Among the comments of many of his followers praising how beautiful Allison looked on the postcard and how happy that she looked, there was one that strongly attracted the attention of the public and the media.

«Why did you quit TV?» asked an Internet user without further ado, a question that many of his followers and even the press wanted to ask Allisson, who, from his departure, left a mystery as to why he retired.

Faced with this question, a netizen wrote that it had been because of her religion, as many thought, however, Allisson Lozz decides to tell the whole truth and denies these assumptions.

Allisson Lozz true

PHOTO: Instagram. Allisson Lozz.

«It’s not really pretty, my religion has never forbidden me anything», answers Allisson, being a great surprise to many.

Later he continues with: «I decided to change my life to be happy and have time for what is most important to me.»

The ex protagonist from the novel To the devil with the handsome then she lists the reasons that make her happy: «1 My God, 2 My family, 3 And then my job.»

Given this, Allisson Lozz once again denies the belief that it was because of her religion that she had moved away from the world of soap operas, clarifying one of the biggest doubts about her retirement.

«I have never heard that my religion prohibits anyone from doing something, everyone makes personal decisions out of their own conviction,» concludes Allisson Lozz in the publication where he reveals the truth.

PHOTO: Instagram. Allisson Lozz.

Given this, several of his followers began to make a presence in a publication where Allisson Lozz told the whole truth about his retirement from telenovelas.

The Internet user who gave rise to this relationship answered the following: “Thank you, every decision must be respected and if it was your well-being, it seems very good to me, and the question was because when I saw you on TV in the Alebrijes novel and You were the prettiest for me, you were my crush, when I was little”.

Another user agreed with what Allisson Lozz said about their relationship: “It is correct, we have free will to know what is good and it is up to each of us, the most important thing is to please Jehovah”.

Allisson Lozz true

PHOTO: Instagram. Allisson Lozz.

One user wrote that she is too surprised in the acting world: “If it was for her good, how good that she decided, but she is so missed, she was a very good actress, I remember that the first protagonist novel the end made me cry a lot and that was 12 years ago ”.

Another follower of the former protagonist called brave to Allisson Lozz for his action: “You were very talented that we all know but if you were no longer happy there it is very respectable and it is very brave to make the decision to leave a place where you do not want to be where you are not happy. Cowards usually stay in a place where they are no longer happy for comfort. How good that you are happy that you are your own boss and organize your time, although we miss seeing you on TV, the most important thing is that you are happy ”, concluded a user regarding the truth that Allisson Lozz told on social networks.

PHOTO: Instagram. Allisson Lozz.

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