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Walmart makes an update that could cost bargain hunters a bundle

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  • Walmart updates its mobile shopping technology.
  • Scan and Go is available to Walmart+ subscribers.
  • People are complaining on social media.

ATTENTION WALMART SHOPPERS! Walmart makes an update to its mobile shopping technology that could end up costing its customers a lot of money, especially those in the Walmart+ program. In fact, there are already multiple complaints on social media about this new system.

Walmart recently introduced new  Scan and Go mobile technology available to shoppers who have signed up for the Walmart+ program. It is designed to save you time when making purchases at any of their stores.

Walmart update could cost its customers a lot of money

Walmart applies customer money update

The idea of ​​using a mobile app to scan your purchases as you’re walking down the aisles sounds like a lot of fun, and just being able to skip the checkout line is even better, but the truth is that Walmart’s new strategy also has some downsides.

First of all, Mobile Scan and Go is only available to Walmart+ members. Second, this technology is not compatible with coupons. In other words, discount coupons cannot be applied when using mobile scanning so you won’t be able to save as much money when you use it.

Walmart+ Mobile Scan and Go

Walmart applies customer money update
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Walmart+ is a program that offers multiple advantages to customers, including free shipping and grocery delivery, which also saves customers money on gas. Subscribers can also take advantage of the Mobile Scan and Go app «saves time and requires no contact.»

The goal of this new system is for people to be able to scan items using a Walmart app on their cell phones, so they can see their total as they shop. Afterwards, they just have to scan a QR code at the self-checkout register and complete their purchase directly from their phones.

Not all that glitters is gold

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The good news is that this tool is available for Walmart+ members to use at any of their stores. The bad news is that it is possible that an employee may request to verify your purchase before you leave the supermarket.

Despite Walmart’s good intentions and striving to stay ahead of the curve, Mobile Scan and Go has received multiple complaints from customers. “@Walmart what’s the point of having ‘scan and go’ if you still have to wait in these insanely long lines at a register anyway? Tip: Have a dedicated registry specifically for Scan and Go customers to scan their QR codes,” Katie Dulmaine tweeted.

More and more complaints

Photo: Twitter

Another user tweeted that the new technology was not available in all stores. “@Walmart Why don’t you have a dedicated Scan and Go register at each Walmart? Some Walmarts have a “Spark” registration but they don’t scan and go. I feel like we need a discount for waiting in lines of more than 10 people.”

«Scan and go just doesn’t work half the time, was trying to scan things like mayonnaise and it said something went wrong @Walmart,» said another shopper. Still, if you want to try out Walmart+, just sign up and you’ll receive a 30-day free trial. If decide to become a member, then you can choose between paying $12.95 monthly or making a single annual payment of $98.

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