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Allegedly Victoria Ruffo is divorcing Omar Fayad

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(FOTO: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Is Victoria Ruffo divorcing Omar Fayad?
  • They have been together for over 22 years
  • What happened to their marriage?

On Wednesday, November 1, Journalist Alex Kaffie reported that Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad are divorcing.

According to the journalist, the couple’s decision is final.

Reportedly, they have already started divorce proceedings.

Since their children are no longer minors, custody won’t be an issue.

Is Victoria Ruffo divorcing Omar Fayad?

journalist, Alex Kaffie, marriage, Victoria Ruffo, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalo

«I have confirmed this news, that Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad have decided to end their marriage,» Alex Kaffie began.

«That’s right, the actress and the politician have decided to end their 22-year marriage,» he continued.

«Let us remember, they said ‘I do’ in 2001 in a religious ceremony in the church of San Agustín, located in Polanco, in Mexico City,» he recalled.

Regarding their children, he said: «They are already 19 years old, therefore, they will decide for themselves who to live with, whether with their father or their mother.»

They are going to divide their assets

Omar Fayad, divorce proceedings, older children, custody, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalo

«Something that I also don’t know is if Victoria and Omar were married under the conjugal partnership regime,» the journalist stated.

«If so, then they will have to divide the assets they acquired during their 22-year marriage,» he added.

After Alex Kaffie’s statements, neither ‘La Reina de las Telenovelas,’ nor the former governor of Hidalgo have confirmed or denied their split.

The Mexican public is waiting to see if it’s true.

Victoria Ruffo’s love story

 confirmed separation, actress, politician, years of marriage, marital partnership regime
PHOTO: Mezcalo

According to what both personalities said on the now-canceled Cristina Show, they met at a restaurant where they were eating with mutual friends.

Sparks flew between the actress and the Ecologist Party politician instantly.

Therefore, after a year of dating, they decided to marry, since, according to the star of Simplemente María, Omar passed «the trial by fire.»

This test was whether he could get along with her son José Eduardo Derbez, whom she shares with comedian Eugenio Derbez.

Their luxurious wedding

shared assets, statement, queen of soap operas, denial, mexican public,
PHOTO: Mezcalo

“It was a very important condition for me to be able to marry him, that he love and treat my son well,” Victoria Ruffo said at the time.

Various artistic and political figures attended the wedding of the Televisa star and Omar Fayad.

Victoria invited luminaries like late producer Ernesto Alonso, Carmen Salinas and soap opera heartthrob Fernando Colunga.

Omar Fayad invited politicians Ricardo Monreal, Elba Esther Gordillo and Beatriz Pared.

Have they been having problems?

Cristina Show, Simply María, trial by fire, José Eduardo Derbez, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalo

In recent months, Victoria’s husband’s erratic behavior has been very noticeable.

He has been seen partying and even had an uncomfortable moment during a presentation for Corona de Lágrimas.

He interrupted José Eduardo Derbez while he was in the middle of an interview, giving his stepson a hard time.

His bizarre comments sparked questions online about whether he had been drinking.

Are fans happy that Victoria Ruffo is divorcing Omar Fayad?

actress, soap operas, televisa, mundonow, state of hidalgo
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Victoria Ruffo’s fans have had a surprising reaction to the news, as some want her to divorce her husband.

«I hope it’s true, now César Évora needs to get divorced.» «Years waiting for this news! Lord you have looked me in the eyes! Finally,» they wrote.

«I believe that Mrs. Ruffo was his (Mr. Fayad) cover to not come out of the closet.» «He has a more fashionable wardrobe than his wife,» some commented.

«They got married under the separation of property regime and had a prenup.» To see the report of their divorce click HERE.

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