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Son of Vicente Fernández accused of kidnapping his own brother

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  • Vicente Fernández’s son is accused of kidnapping his own brother.
  • In the book The Last King, journalist Olga Wornat reveals that Gerardo Fernández kidnapped his own brother.
  • “Gerardo is ambitious and unscrupulous and has shady relationships; he was able to steal from his father.”

Famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernández’s health is in a delicate state. It had previously been reported that he would enter intensive care again. Meanwhile, journalist Olga Wornat reveals that one of his children has been linked to drug trafficking.

Wornat states in her book, The Last King, that one of the Charro de Huentitán’s sons may have ties to drug trafficking. Her book is an unauthorized biography of famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, according to El Uuniversal.

Vicente Fernández’s son is accused of kidnapping

Vicente Fernández's son is accused of kidnapping
Photo: Instagram

This revelation from the book El Último Rey came to light while the Mexican singer is hospitalized. He has been bedridden for months due to a fall. Although his health was improving, he had a relapse a few days ago so he has been returned to intensive care. His family continues to wait for a miracle so that he can return home as soon as possible.

Author Olga Wornat’s mother was a fan of ranchera music and from there, she began listening to el Charro. “Vicente Fernández came from the outskirts of Huentitán, he was very poor little boy who grew up hungry to succeed and he achieved it,” says Wornat, who compares the history of the Fernández dynasty with the tv series Dallas.

Vicente Fernández’s son stole from his father and brother, Juan Gabriel

Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping; "He was able to steal from his father, his brother, Juan Gabriel"
Photo: Twitter

There is a particular aspect of the book that has attracted a lot of attention. The author links Gerardo Fernández to drug trafficking. Vicente Fernández, “has a complicated family …. I investigated one of his sons, and that is where the whole knot is untied,” Olga Wornat said.

“Gerardo is ambitious and unscrupulous, has shady relationships, was able to steal from his father and his brother, Juan Gabriel. He will inherit Vicente Fernández’s entire empire because he is the one who is in charge of his money,” the author wrote in her book.

Vicente Fernández’s son Gerardo is accused of kidnapping his own brother

Gerardo the son of Vicente Fernández is accused of kidnapping his own brother
Photo: Twitter

Regarding this situation, the journalist says that Vicente Fernández’s son, Gerardo, is friends with Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, a member of the Sinaloa Cartel. Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada were leaders of this cartel. She also said that Gerardo sold horses to the capo.

It should be remembered that in an interview for the program Chisme No Like, the author of El Último Rey explained each of her points so that there would be no doubt. However, she said that she does not have direct testimony to confirm the family’s alleged ties to drug trafficking. She does have sources that confirm the relationships of some of its members with well-known bosses in Mexico.

Vicente Fernández’s son’s kidnapping: “He was not a good father”

Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping; "He was not a good father"
Photo: Twitter

In the book, you can learn about another controversy regarding Charro de Huentitán’s son. Gerardo, in addition to being involved in drug trafficking, he kidnapped his brother, Vicente Jr., by forcibly admitting him into a rehabilitation center because of his father’s inheritance.

Gerardo Fernández is the only son of Vicente Fernández who has not dedicated himself to show business and maintains a low profile. But, supposedly, he is the one who manages his family’s finances: “There are important holes in his life, in his family, in this dynasty. He was not a good father, but an absentee one. He could be very difficult.”

The book was difficult to research and involved many interviews

"It cost me enormously to put it together with testimonials from people"
Photo: Twitter

This was not Vincente Jr.’s only kidnapping. He was kidnapped in 1998 for four months by a criminal gang known as Los Mochadedos. At that time, the Charro de Huentitán paid $3 million for his ransom, and his son lost two fingers in the kidnapping.

The book was difficult to put together, but Wornat used interviews with family and friends: “That is why I begin the book with the kidnapping of Vicente Jr., which was extremely difficult to put together with interviews from people. I conducted interviews with family and friends who told me they had never spoken of that time,” the author said.

Do you compare the Charro de Huentitán family with the tv series Dallas?

The last king
Photo: Twitter

The author of the book El Último Rey provided information about the alleged conflicts between family members. However, the discovery of alleged dark secrets that she found in some of his family’s past relationships are what attracted people’s attention the most. She accused one of his sons of having links with organized crime. However, the author reiterated not having sources who would go on the record.

In her interview, the author revealed that when writing the book, she felt as if she were in the series Dallas, a tv show based on a very powerful family immersed in illicit businesses. She described it as follows: “In the middle of that, I felt as if I was making parallels with the series Dallas.” Filed under: Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping

What dark secrets did the author reveal?

Nacho Coronel
Photo: Twitter

“Because when Vicente built his ranch “Tres Porrillos,” he was inspired by Dallas, which is a story of evildoers, the perverse, psychopaths.” The author also stated that the family’s complicated history was a puzzle she had to unravel to, “discover the lights and shadows of a dynasty.” It’s one of the richest in the country.

The author added: “If a man reaches the top, he can become popular, reaching the peak of his career, but behind him is Alejandro, who has also had a difficult life with many stumbles,” according to the interview for Gossip No Like with Javier Ceriani. Filed under: Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping

Which of the children is the most dangerous?

Photo: Twitter

El Último Rey reveals the family member who supposedly has ties with a drug trafficker, specifically with “Nacho” Coronel. Without further ado, the author reveals, “Vicente Fernández’s son, and that is where the whole knot of history is untied, which is going to surprise many,” she said referring to Charro de Huentitán, Gerardo’s second son.

The author accused Gerardo of something else too. According to her, he stole from his own father and is very dangerous: “He stole from Juan Gabriel, he lied to his father, and he is the one who will inherit Vicente Fernández’s entire empire because he is the one who handles that great dynasty’s money.” To see the video, click here. Filed under: Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping

What dark things has Vicente Fernández’s son done?

The last king
Photo: Twitter

In her interview about the book The Last King, Olga Wornat spilled the beans regarding the son who was involved in the scandal: “Gerardo is the middle son. He is ambitious and has shady relationships. He stole from his father and brother because he handled the money from the palenques.”

About her claims, writer Olga Wornat specifically pointed out with whom the son of Charro de Huentitán is linked: “Dark relationships, relationships with shady characters. I don’t have direct testimony, but sources metion Gerardo’s relationships with “Nacho” Coronel, for example.” This has sparked endless comments from Internet users. Filed under: Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping

What do people think about the accusations?

Olga wornat
Video: YouTube 

People began commenting on the alleged family ties with drug trafficker “Nacho” Coronel, specifically regarding Fernandez’s son Gerardo:

“What they are giving is a life lesson. You cannot idolize or believe in anyone. But most importantly, there is nothing hidden under the sun.”

“Doña Cuca put up with everything for convenience, for not working and getting ahead without a (man) who always cheated on her.”

“Wow, it’s true what they say that 2022 is coming strong for the rich and corrupt. The Kardashians also fall.”

“Now, they left me in shock. I like their investigations. Congratulations, Elisa, Ceriani, and all their team.”

“Olga Wornat is a very good researcher.”

“Everything is paid in this life.”

“Enough is enough of so much silence and impunity.”

Those were some of the comments online. Filed under: Son Vicente Fernández kidnapping

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