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They say that an alleged UFO attacked Russian troops in war against Ukraine

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  • Miracle for the inhabitants of Ukraine?
  • A story about an alleged UFO in the war is going around the world.
  • Russian troops allegedly suffered a ‘severe blow’ at the hands of the Aliens?

The thousands of stories of Russia’s war against Ukraine have impacted the entire world for 12 days since the seemingly endless invasion began. Now, amazing news is beginning to gain strength on various digital outlets and it involves an alleged UFO ‘involved’ in the disaster.

Debate, along with CBN News and Daily Star, reported that apparently an alleged UFO may have destroyed a convoy of Russian troops in the midst of the war against Ukraine. Is this reality or myth to bring hope to the Ukrainian people in such dark times?

UFO involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine?

UFO attacks in the midst of war

Could it be a miracle? The media says information indicates that a supposed soldier from Ukraine experienced one of the strangest and most awe-inspiring experiences of recent days in the midst of the Russian conflict and the terror civilians are suffering during this terrible time.

The man said that an alleged Unidentified Flying Object saved him and his Ukrainian troops from being attacked by a convoy of soldiers Russia. No doubt, this is somewhat difficult to prove, but he himself recounted what he saw in his own words.

A UFO blitzkrieg on Russian troops to ‘protect’ Ukraine?

Russia and Ukraine war

Just a few weeks ago the story of the alleged ‘ghost pilot’ was reported in the skies of Ukraine, and gave hope to the civilian population. The story of the man who shot down several Russian planes made them feel protected. Something similar is happening with this UFO story.

It is assumed that a UFO’s ‘lightning attack’ on Russian troops, would have stopped them from advancing into Ukrainian territory to finish off its residents. The story gives hope to the President Volodimir Zelensky’s countrymen.

Fact or myth? UFO helped the people of Ukraine

UFO sky Ukraine

Kostyantine Lytvynenko, the director of the Christian media chain in Ukraine, CBN News, said that the prayers of millions of Ukrainians were heard. They are desperately asking for someone to assist and protect them from the horrific Russian invasion.

The testimony of the alleged Ukrainian soldier was described by Lytvynenko, who gave an interview to the television show The Global Lane. It was shocking for those who had the opportunity to hear, as the soldier spoke with his father about his fear of being killed in the war when the unexpected happened.

The terrified Ukrainian soldier spoke with his father to tell about his experience


When the soldier found himself at the forefront of the war, he allegedly called his father to inform him that he was about to face the Russian convoy that was advancing into his territory: “At night, they maintained their positions and discovered that many tanks and machines from the Russian Federation were closing in on them,” said the television director.

Apparently, at the time of the call to his father, the man was surrounded by a group of people belonging to Christian congregations who were praying for him and for the Ukrainian troops, in addition to the civilians who were fleeing the Russian attacks. But did the miracle come?

The moment the alleged UFO ‘saved them’

Russia and Ukraine

The night passed, and the father of the soldier, along with his colleagues, continued to pray for the Ukrainian troops. The next morning he apparently received the shocking news: A UFO may have saved the Ukrainian soldiers, destroying the Russian troop convoy.

The man found out in a call from his son, who told him that “a miracle” had happened and that he himself saw when the Russian troops approached, in the middle of the night “a lightning attack’ suddenly fell on the Russian soldiers and killed them.

‘The miracle of the spaceship’

Alleged flying object in war Russia Ukraine

“It looked like a spaceship. Some miracle has happened. There was an attack by a spaceship,” the soldier told his father about how he saw lightning streaking the sky and sparks coming out of the ground. Then later he saw destroyed Russian military tanks.

Was it God’s intervention? That is what the director of the Christian media chain thinks. He spread the words of his son: “All those soldiers thought that perhaps a weapon that we did not know had done it, or that it was only the intervention of God,” he told DailyStar.

Crazed Russians ‘Shooting’ Each Other?


Kostyantine Lytvynenko said this story of the alleged UFO has not been the only miracle that has apparently occurred since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began. He also spoke of the ‘power’ of prayers that have ‘affected’ Russian soldiers.

The man said that the prayers of the Ukrainian people have been so powerful that they have caused reactions in Russian soldiers who have surrendered in repentance or have even seen the need to ‘turn’ against their own comrades. What do you think of these stories? Miracles or simple stories made up to give people hope in difficult times?

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