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The U.S. resumes deportation of Haitians with a flight carrying 50 migrants

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U.S. resumes deportation of Haitians (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • U.S. resumes deportation of Haitians.
  • The country is wracked with gang violence.
  • Activists criticize the move.

Once again, the U.S. has made a drastic decision regarding migrants.

The first flight carrying Haitians back to their home country left last week.

This reflects the firm stance the U.S. government is taking regarding the immigration crisis.

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U.S. resumes deportation of Haitians

Migration, Conflicts, United States, Crisis, U.S. Resumes Deportation of Migrants
Photo: Shutterstock

The U.S. government has reactivated deportation flights to Haiti, sending approximately 50 Haitians back to their country.

This move reflects the administration’s firm stance on immigration policy, despite the rising gang violence in the Caribbean nation.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it will continue to enforce immigration laws throughout the Caribbean region and the southwestern border.

This marks the first deportation flight to Haiti in several months, according to The Associated Press.

The impact on Haitian migrants

Haitians, Undocumented, Problems, Border crossing, Government
Photo: Shutterstock

Specific details about the people on the flight were not provided.

Thomas Cartwright, from Witness at the Border, an activist group that tracks flight data, noted that a plane took off from Alexandria, Louisiana, and landed in Cap-Haitien after a stopover in Miami.

Among those deported was Gerson Joseph, who had lived in the United States for over two decades and had a deportation order since 2005.

Joseph, who has an American daughter, and was in the process of resolving his legal situation, was detained last year.

Criticism of U.S. deportation policies

Deportations, Immigrants, Border, Undocumented, Measures
Photo: Shutterstock

His fiancée, Marjorie Dorsaninvil, lamented the situation, stating that he has no ties in Haiti and that they were planning to marry.

The U.S. decision to resume these flights has drawn criticism from migrant advocacy organizations.

Haitian Bridge Alliance urged the suspension of these flights, arguing that they expose migrants to imminent danger by returning them to a country in turmoil.

A shocking wave of violence and political instability is ongoing there.

Haiti’s complex situation

deportation of haitians, gangs, violence, immigration, politics
Photo: Shutterstock

The situation in Haiti is complex, with a recent exodus of more than 33,000 people from the capital due to increasing gang violence.

In addition, the lack of security and the humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean country pose significant challenges for those who are repatriated.

There are areas of Haiti that have not been as affected by the gang violence.

While some Haitians are deported, others have been allowed to stay in the United States for humanitarian reasons.

United States immigration policy

deportation of haitians, gangs, violence, immigration, politics
Photo: Shutterstock

Some Haitians have entered the U.S. through appointment systems at land crossings with the neighboring country, Mexico.

The Department of Homeland Security stated that it is closely monitoring the situation in Haiti, according to The Associated Press.

However, the decision to continue with the deportation flights reflects the pressure the current administration is facing regarding immigration.

It is cracking down on irregular immigration as the election approaches.

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