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Different types of air conditioners: Find the best way to stay cool this summer

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Do you know all the different types of air conditioners out there? Summer is coming, and there is nothing better than having an air conditioner at home to withstand the high temperatures…. But what are the most viable options to for cooling your home? There are different types of air conditioners for all types of rooms. Their installation depends on the area, the type of use and your budget. Here are some different types of air conditioners just in time for summer!

Portable ACs

This is probably the most practical type of air conditioner, since it doesn’t require professional installation, and it can be used anywhere that has a power outlet. Portable air conditioners prices average between $82 and $199. Among their advantages is also that they are easy to store and their prices seem to be going down.

Central cooling systems

Different types of air conditioners

Central cooling systems are a cost-effective option for maintaining a comfortable temperatures inside a home. Central ac uses ductwork connecting rooms with the main cooling system. A positive aspect of this type of air conditioner is that it is possible to choose exactly in which areas of the house you want to have ventilation, in addition to saving space and installation costs.

Window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are easy to install and typically cost between $150 and $500, making them one of the more affordable options. Although these appliances do not always manage to cool the entire house, they are an affordable alternative to HVAC systems, which can cost up to $8,000 dollars.

Wall mounted air conditioner

Different types of air conditioners:

The cost of a wall-mounted air conditioner, plus installation, is more than $1,000, but it is an investment that can result in lower energy costs. Another advantage of this type of air conditioner, compared to window ACs, is that the internal thermostats can be programmed to stop working at set times, thus helping to reduce electrical energy consumption.

Floor AC’s

The cost of a floor air conditioner is between $100 and $500 dollars. Its benefits include easier installation and more efficient airflow in all rooms. As part of the disadvantages, it is important to consider that this type of air conditioner makes a lot of noise and it can accumulate water.

Ceiling air conditioner


Ceiling-mounted air conditioners have a smaller footprint and also allow better air distribution to all corners of a home or office. Another advantage? The sound. Unlike other models of air conditioners or cooling systems, these models are usually silent. However, it is important to ensure that the ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of the equipment.

Ductless Mini Split

The cost of equipment and installation of a ductless mini-split varies, depending on the size of the house. In some cases, it can cost around $5,000 dollars, while in larger areas this cost can rise up to $28,000 dollars. Experts recommend analyzing your options and deciding on one that has an Energy Star certification, as this will guarantee that electricity bills will be relatively lower.

Evaporative coolers


An evaporative cooler which has an approximate average cost of $3,900, doesn’t require any installation. This is nearly $1,500 less than installing an HVAC system. Among the main features of evaporative coolers are: relatively low noise, simple installation, low CO2 emissions and ease of cooling in extreme temperatures.

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