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Toni Costa celebrated Valentine’s Day with his new girlfriend (VIDEO)

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Adamari López, Toni Costa, La Casa de los Famosos 2
  • Toni spent Valentine’s day with his new girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán.
  • Is Adamari mad at her ex?
  • This is how Toni and Evelyn Beltrán met.

The Spanish dancer Toni Costa shared an Instagram story that confirmed he spent Valentine’s Day with his new girlfriend Evelyn Beltrán. In fact, four months had to pass before there was any proof that they were really dating, although on several occasions it was quite obvious.

It only took a series of photos shared on their respective Instagram stories for their followers to realize that they were in the same place at the same time. The media immediately began to investigate and Chamonic’s account confirmed the rumors.

Chamonic’s account confirmed the rumors

Toni Costa new girlfriend
VIDEO: Instagram

“The relationship between Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltrán is still going strong…! Yesterday they were together… and it is verified because the two shared the same video where you can see their sneakers. Hopefully they will soon confirm that they are together,” wrote Chamonic’s account on Instagram.

In the video you can see that the couple is high up in the city at night and they are surrounded by illuminated buildings. You can also see their feet. The video is actually very short, but there are many opinions regarding whether they are together. Do followers agree? (YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE)

Toni Costa new girlfriend: This is what fans think

Toni Costa new girlfriend
VIDEO: Instagram

The comments are divided between people who are happy with the relationship that Tony Costa has started with Beltrán and others who think that he should not jump to something new ‘so quickly’: “Well, that’s good, I’m very happy.” “Well deserved, living in the shadow… is not easy.”

“I asked him why he didn’t make it public and he answered that soon, God’s times are perfect.” “Hopefully, God willing, she will value this boy.” “Well, long live love, one must be where one is happy.” “That old freeloader.” “I hope they do well in their relationship.”

This is how Adamari and Toni Costa’s breakup happened

Toni Costa new girlfriend
PHOTO: mezcal

In October 2021, people began to suspect that Toni was seeing someone else. It happened after the Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López posted a video on her official Instagram account announcing her separation from Toni. The Puerto Rican Hoy Día host has a six-year-old daughter named Alaïa with the dancer.

According to what Adamari López and Tony Costa have declared, the reasons behind the couple’s breakup were disagreements within the relationship. Both have remained firm in their decision not to discuss it publicly — unlike Adamari’s relationship with Fonsi, where it is known what happened.

It was suspected that Toni and Evelyn were together

Toni Costa new girlfriend
PHOTO: Instagram

How did fans find out that Toni and Evelyn were in a relationship? Well, through their Instagram stories, since we could see that the couple was in exactly the same place at the same time. The couple spent February 14 at the Skyview in Miami and both played the song Tu y Yo by Tommy Torres and Daddy Yankee.

“I met you recently. It seems like it was yesterday. Oh oh, I already adore you. Oh oh oh, how scary to love like this.” It should be noted that Tommy is Karla Moroig’s husband, who is the best friend of Adamari López, Toni’s ex, according to Mamás Latinas.

Toni shared that his Valentine was his daughter

PHOTO: Instagram

Toni Costa still hasn’t dedicated any posts to his new girlfriend. Instead he chose to upload a photograph of him next to his beloved Alaïa, to whom he wrote a few words of love. It is known that Toni is an exemplary father and is very involved in his daughter’s life. This is what he shared on Instagram:

“Happy Valentine’s Day with my eternal love, my daughter @alaia. May you on this special day and always have love, good friendship, mutual respect and happiness in your life, above all be happy, because after all, each one of us lives in the way that makes us happy. My motto is ‘Be happy to make those around you happy’.”

“You’re good enough to have 3 girlfriends”

PHOTO: Instagram

Toni Costa is known for having a very attractive personality, in addition to always showing his best dance moves, the Spaniard recently uploaded a video where he was heavily complimented by his followers. In it the dancer, dressed in white and together with two other dancers, moves sensually to the rhythm of Latin music.

These were the best comments: “You’re good enough to have 3 girlfriends.” “How cute, and your super smart car, it’s up for the dance.” “Handsome Tony, I love everything you do, you’re a transparent being.”

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