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The strange story of time traveler Rudolph Fentz… (PHOTOS)

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  • Meet the most famous time traveler.
  • Rudolph Fentz allegedly disappeared for 75 years.
  • How the legend says he traveled through time.

Time travel seems unbelievable, however, there is a lot of evidence on the internet, in books, and anecdotally that leaves us wondering if it could be true. There are many documentaries and videos about time travel that have become quite famous.

One of the most famous stories about time travel is that of Rudolph Fentz, a 30-year-old man who apparently appeared in Times Square, New York 75 years after he disappeared without having aged a day.


rudolph fentz time traveler
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Rudolph Fentz is said to have appeared out of nowhere in June 1950. He was seen with strange sideburns and dressed like he came from the 1800s in Times Square, New York.

It was around 11:15 at night, when people were shocked to see a man wandering through the streets. No one knows where he came from and he was completely disoriented. Almost immediately he was hit and killed by a taxi driver . Filed Under: Rudolph Fentz Time Traveler


rudolph fentz time traveler
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to El Kiosko, this striking-looking man was killed by the taxi. In the morgue, while trying to identify him and checking his belongings, the coroner was surprised by what he found in the man’s pockets.

The mysterious man had an old wallet that was filled with old-fashioned bills and his identification said his name was Rudolph Fentz. He also had a letter addressed to him that ws dated June, 1876. All of the objects looked new. Filed Under: Rudolph Fentz Time Traveler


PHOTO: Shutterstock

Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the Department of Missing Persons of the New York Police Department tried to identify this man to locate his relatives or people close to him. According to El Kiosko, the address they found belonged to a place where a company was located.

However, when the captain contacted the company, the owner said that he had never heard of Rudolph Fentz. The most chilling thing of all was what they found when investigated further… Filed as : Rudolph Fentz time traveler


PHOTO: Shutterstock

During the search to find information about this man, they found the name a Rudolph Fentz Jr. in an old phonebook. That Rudolph Fentz had died five years earlier.

This man’s widow was still alive so they contacted her and she said that her husband’s father had disappeared in 1876 when he was 29 years old. According to reports, he had left home that night and never returned. No one ever knew what happened to him. Captain Rihm found the file on a person who disappeared in 1876 by the name of Rudolph Fentz, and they looked alike. To date it remains one of the greatest mysteries of possible time travel. Filed Under: Rudolph Fentz Time Traveler

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