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Popular TikToker Cooper Noriega found dead after making a video about dying young

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  • TikTok star Cooper Noriega dies.
  • Hours earlier he had uploaded a chilling video about death.
  • The influencer was found in a parking lot.

DID HE PREDICT HIS OWN DEATH? TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms on the internet and many videos uploaded by young influencers offer either a funny story or a creepy moment. On this occasion, the death of young star Cooper Noriega comes right after he posted a video about dying young.

According to reports, Cooper Noriega was found unconscious in a parking lot when police were called. At the moment, his cause of death has not been disclosed, but the authorities are said to be investigating the facts to rule out that any type of crime has been committed.

Cooper Noriega dies

Cooper Noriega dies
Photo: Instagram

Recently, the death of Cooper Noriega, a young TikToker who was found unconscious in a mall parking lot in Los Angeles, was confirmed. His death is striking because the young man had shared a video where he talked about dying young just hours before being found dead.

Los Angeles authorities are investigating the incident and seeking evidence to rule out any possible crime being involved in Noriega’s death. At the moment, the cause of death remains unknown. The authorities pointed out that the young man’s body was found in a mall parking lot.

What happened to Cooper?

Tiktoker Cooper Noriega dies: What happened to Cooper?
Photo: Instagram

On Thursday, the star with two million followers was found in a parking lot at a mall on the outskirts of Los Angeles. According to the media, a person called 911 to report that Noriega was unconscious and help came immediately.

Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after, but were unable to revive the young social media star, according to TMZ. The authorities immediately attempted to revive the young man and it was believed, at first, that he could have been the victim of a crime. However, according to initial investigations, it is still not possible to determine what happened to the influencer. Filed Under: Tiktoker Cooper Noriega dies

Could he have been the victim of a crime?

Tiktoker Cooper Noriega dies: Could he have been part of a crime?
Photo: TikTok

Authorities told TMZ that Cooper was not in a vehicle and there were no signs of trauma to his body. Likewise, they indicated that no crime is suspected and that an autopsy will be performed. At the moment, the young influencer’s cause of death remains unknown and some people suspect a possible suicide. However, nothing is confirmed.

“Hey guys, I just created a Discord strictly for mental health and if you want to join you can. Just click the link in my bio,” is the caption of the last photograph he posted on June 5. At the moment, rumors continue to swirl that Cooper Noriega was struggling with depression. Filed Under: Tiktoker Cooper Noriega dies

Did he predict his death?

Did he predict his death?
Photo: TikTok

After his death was announced, it was noticed that the young TikToker — hours before he died — had shared a video where he’s seen lying on his bed looking sad. The video itself wasn’t noteworthy, but the text that accompanied the short clip was. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

«Who else is thinking that they’re going to die young af?» The young man wrote in the caption of the video that quickly went viral on the platform and sparked terror, because hours later Cooper was found dead. So far, questions about a possible «premonition» or if the young man was «warning» about his death stand out in the comments.

«We love you»

"We love you"
Photo: Instagram

After his death was revealed, several friends, fans and colleagues have expressed their love through comments on the last photo he shared. Some said that they still could not believe the news and others assured that they would fulfill the influencer’s wishes regarding mental health care.

“You were remarkable… destined to make great change. We love you and our hearts are so heavy in your absence. Rest in peace, Coop,” “I don’t want to believe it. We just did a photoshoot last week.» “Rest in peace man, I still have a spot for you on my couch. I’m going to build this rehabilitation center in your honor.”

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