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The secrets of Alfredo Olivas’ father are uncovered and videos of a Mexican threatening him are released

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  • Several media claim that singer Alfredo Olivas’ father has ties to organized crime
  • A video showing threats made to Alfredo Olivas’ father has resurfaced
  • The family is once again in the eye of the hurricane after the murder of Irving, Alfredo Olivas’ brother

Alfredo Olivas’ father. After the murder of Alfredo Olivas’ brother, where in addition to Irving his wife and eight-month-old son lost their lives, the family’s ties to organized crime in Mexico is once again in the spotlight.

Several media in Mexico reported that the singer’s father, Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela alias El Chapo Alfredo or El Alfa, suffered two attacks outside his home in Zapopan, Jalisco, and then ‘narcomantas’ with his name written on them were hanged in the city, according to

Papa Alfredo Olivas: Links him to organized crime

They uncover the secrets of Alfredo Olivas' father and videos of a Mexican threatening him
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They indicated that the events occurred in 2018 and that Chapo Alfredo had to be transferred to the hospital to where several hitmen arrived to try to take his life. After these incidents, a banner appeared in which they explained that Alfredo Olivas’s father was supposedly the head of the plaza of a criminal group in southern Sonora.

The name of the Olivas family and its relationship with the drug cartels in Mexico resurfaces after the murder of Irving Olivas, where his wife and two-year-old son also died. Only a 4-year-old girl and the nanny survived the armed attack.

Alfredo Olivas’s father: His name is tinged with scandal

They uncover the secrets of Alfredo Olivas' father and videos of a Mexican threatening him
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Now, the father of singer Alfredo Olivas is linked to the drug trafficker Caro Quintero, according to information from La Opinion LA, since Irving’s crime occurred in Guadalajara, the territory of another cartel. The name of Alfredo Rivas Valenzuela had already been heard when Fernando Delgadillo Hermosillo, alias “Miko,” who was supposedly a Quintero operator, was assassinated.

The name of Chapo Alfredo was also the target of threats, such as the one made by Iván Martin del Campo Riebeling, alias “Comandante Cobra,” a self-proclaimed defender of human rights from the diplomatic corps and controversial person from Tijuana, according to Telemundo 20.

Alfredo Olivas’s father: They give him a strong warning

They uncover the secrets of Alfredo Olivas' father and videos of a Mexican threatening him
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In the video, the “Cobra Commander” makes an energetic call to Alfredo Olivas’s father: “The world turns many times, you have executed hundreds of innocent people, women and children, you even wanted to attempt on the life of the President of the Republic because you’re a fucking ‘huachicu …’ who lives at the expense of Mexican families ”

“Stealing the patrimony of the nation, Chapo Alfredo we have located you, and as if that were not enough, in May, your lieutenant, your son puñ …, is going to go to sing in Michoacán, you are falling into the claws of the tiger,” he said in the message the “Cobra Commander”.

Papa Alfredo Olivas: They ask him to leave Obregón

Brother Alfredo Olivas Irving
PHOTO Instagram Alfredo Olivas

The message continued with the following warning: “Chapo Alfredo, get out of Obregón before we’re going to split your ma…, because ending with the ‘Marro’ I’m going with everything, I’m going for you, for your son and for all your pin … hitmen , they will pay everything they owe children of the chin…, see you very soon… in hell ”.

The message recorded by Iván Martin del Campo Riebeling, alias “Cobra Commander” circulated on networks in March 2019 and has so far had 46,277 views, where several users left their comments on what was said by “Cobra Commander”. WATCH VIDEO HERE

‘Commander Cobra’ dies of coronavirus causes

father of Alfredo Olivas

Last year the death of Iván Martin del Campo Riebeling, alias “Comandante Cobra”, aged 44, was reported due to complications from the coronavirus, as reported by the media Telemundo 22, the man was admitted to the General Hospital of Tijuana (HGT ).

Campo Riebeling was admitted to the hospital on October 12, 2020, where he received the medical attention he required after presenting complications related to COVID-19. As reported by the same media, “Comandante Cobra” led protests during the construction of the new border fence in 2018 and was accused by CBP of vandalism.

Alfredo Olivas’s father: Father and son on the edge of death

They uncover the secrets of Alfredo Olivas' father and videos of a Mexican threatening him
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Both Alfredo Olivas and his father have been mentioned in different narcomantas. The interpreter of “Definitiva” was mentioned in a message they left in Obregón, Sonora, according to various local and national media.

The narcomanta was found a few days after an armed commando riddled Luis Mendoza, vocalist of Los Ronaldos with more than 100 bullets, the narcomanta appeared with an alleged warning for the singer Alfredo Olivas.

The report of violent events

PHOTO Twitter

The narcomanta appeared on a cruise ship in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, where just a few days before, another violent episode had left another victim. In cold blood, the group singer, Luis Mendoza, was assassinated in the company of his manager.

Alfredo Olivas, like Luis Mendoza, is originally from Ciudad Obregón, and is also dedicated to singing to narcocorrido, which in the past cost him to be shot during a show he offered in the city of Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, according to reported Telemundo.

Their names appear on blankets with threats

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According to the publication Unión Jalisco, in the blankets hanging in pedestrian crossings it is mentioned that among those responsible for generating a “narco-war” in the municipalities of Cajeme, Empalme, Ciudad Obregón and Guaymas are the group singer and his father.

Alfredo Olivas, who at the beginning of 2019 suffered an attack that is speculated, was by organized crime. Photographs of various people appear on the several-meter-long canvas, with a chilling message that immediately caused a stir.

In 2015, they attacked Alfredo Olivas in a dance

Alfredo Olivas video resurfaces

Alfredo Olivas was almost killed in a concert in 2015, because when he was on the stage of a nightclub in Parral, Chihuahua, on February 28 of the aforementioned year, in this regard, the singer spoke about what happened to the show program of Suelta Soup.

“Unfortunately this happened to me, but we in Mexico have to suffer it like this. Blessed my God, I’m counting it right now. It is something serious really and one is never exempt anywhere on the planet ”, said at that time the singer.

Denied it was out of jealousy and flirtation

Early versions of the attack on the narcocorrido singer pointed to the fact that the incident was due to a fight out of jealousy for flirting with an already engaged woman. Alfredito Olivas categorically denied the rumor that spread at that time.

Alfredo Olivas assured that the shooting against him impacted him so much that, despite considering himself a Catholic, he considered a change of religion. “I hardly get into prayer, but after all this it has become a tic for me to be crossing myself.”

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