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Target accused of false advertising on Black Friday sales

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Target, Black Friday, shopping, Christmas
Target accused of false advertising on Black Friday sales (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Target accused of false advertising on Black Friday.
  • Were the sale prices really lower?
  • Influencers exposed the retailer on social media.

Friday, November 24, was Black Friday, where millions of shoppers rush to stores in search of major deals.

This is a day in which thousands of stores offer exclusive offers and discounts to kick off the Christmas season.

However, recently, a series of videos began to circulate on TikTok showing some of these discounts may not be real.

The videos show false advertising at various stores, including Target.

What happened on Black Friday?

Black Friday, exclusive offers, Christmas season, TikTok
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Target, famous for its wide variety of products, found itself in big trouble on Black Friday.

People on social media began questioning whether their sale prices were actually lower than the regular prices.

For some years now, people have been exposing fake sales on X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and Instagram.

Influencers never miss an opportunity to point out fraud.

Target accused of false advertising on Black Friday

false advertising, Target, shopping, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

In a TikTok video, a young woman can be seen approaching a sale sign at Target, where a television is apparently listed for $429.

However, when she slid out the cardboard sign, it turned out that not everything was as it seemed.

Removing the «discount» sign revealed the original sale price was exactly the same.

The young woman was very surprised and you can see in her expression that was captured on the video.

Are some sale prices actually higher?

social networks, complaints, Instagram, Twitter, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Another image that has gone viral shows a discount sticker, but removing it reveals that the price is not lower.

On the contrary, it’s actually higher, tricking people into thinking they’re saving money when they aren’t.

Thousands of people expressed their annoyance through social media, since they consider this to be false advertising.

They say that it doesn’t only happen at large retailers like Target, but in hundreds of other stores around the world.

Consumers are angry

target accused of false advertising, black friday, false advertising
PHOTO: Shutterstock

As already mentioned, in the video that went viral, TikTok users weren’t shy about sharing angry comments.

«Amazon about a month before Black Friday raises prices in order to lower them, so it seems like a robbery,» commented one user.

«They should sue for false advertising,» «Black Friday in the United States has been a scam for years,» others added.

«My recommendation is that you make your purchases after the discounts,» one recommended.

What about Cyber Monday?

target accused of false advertising, black friday, sales, prices
PHOTO: Getty Images

The Monday after Black Friday is known as Cyber ​​Monday, when businesses also offer deep discounts for online purchases.

This day was created in 2005 with the objective of encouraging online shopping.

Of course, now online shopping has taken over brick and mortar stores.

Still, Cyber Monday is a day to get major savings for consumers who prefer shopping from home.

Beware of scams

boxes, computer, online shopping, money
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Just as you can find false advertising in physical stores, the same thing can happen online.

Shoppers are warned to be careful when making purchases online, since it is easier for them to fall prey to scams.

These can be anything from bait and switch to fake sale prices and counterfeit items.

See the video of Target accused of false advertising HERE.

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